Before starting to work at UFIC in 2007, Scott worked at the UF English Language Institute as receptionist and immigration assistant. At UFIC, Scott worked first with J-1 and F-1 students in the International Student Services unit (ISS). In September 2013, Scott moved to EVS and now provides services for all J categories, with special emphasis on J-1 UF sponsored degree seeking students and non-degree students. Scott provides services for many specialized non-degree programs both UF and non-UF sponsored. In March 2015 Scott was honored with a Superior Accomplish Award for outstanding service to UF. Scott is very active with the Florida International Leadership Conference (FILC) which engages international and study abroad students from many colleges/universities across the State of Florida. The FILC promotes leadership skills, friendships/networks among these students, promotes international understanding and collaboration, as well as recognizing differing styles of leadership across cultures and fostering future global leaders.


Job Title: 

Director, Exchange Visitor Services - ARO, UF Sponsored Degree Seeking Students & Non-Degree Seeking Students (All), Fulbright Scholar Liaison

Phone Number: 

(352) 273-1527

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