One of the highest priority goals for UF is to expand its international outlook and impact in education, research and service.  UF’s leadership has placed a special emphasis on internationalization because it is a direct outgrowth of UF’s mission and reflects the importance of globalization in the world today.  Our international students are a key element as we pursue these goals.  While international students adjust to a different language, educational system and cultural environment, they also share with the UF community their language, educational system and culture.

You must be nominated by your college to be considered for this award.
The nomination process will vary for each college

*Please contact your academic advisor for information about the nomination process for your college.
Once you have confirmation you have been nominated, you may refer to this page for more information*

If you have been selected to receive this certificate, congratulations!

See here for frequently asked questions.

How was I nominated?

The UFIC provided a list of all F and J visa-holding students to each college. Each college has designed their own process of selecting the students they choose to recognize. The total number of international students eligible for this certificate in 2018 is 2,418 students.

How will I receive my certificate?

The event ceremony will be held on the Wednesday of International Education Week. This is typically the 2nd week of November. During the ceremony, you and the other students from your college will be called to the stage to receive your certificate.

Can my advisor attend?

Yes! An invitation has been sent to your advisor. Please do not include your advisor when you RSVP.

Can I bring guests?

Yes! You are welcome to bring up to two (2) guests. Young children are welcome to attend as long as there is proper supervision.

I had my photo taken during the event. How can I get those pictures?

Two (2) weeks after the ceremony, we will post all photos on the website.  You may request individual photos by emailing the photo number and request to: Sharon Brown,

What if I can’t attend?

We will hold your certificate at the UFIC for 60 days.

I have other questions; who do I ask?!

Sharon Brown,