Applying for the OPT Recommendation I-20

The first step in applying for OPT from USCIS is to request the OPT Recommendation I-20 from the F-1 International Student Advisor by submitting the OPT Request online. Students may apply for OPT during the 90 days prior to their graduation day and within the 60 days following their graduation day.

To request your OPT Recommendation I-20:

Log in to ISSS online by clicking on Optional Practical Training Request (further below)

Read the Instructions and Reading Requirements

Complete all of the Questionnaires

Complete the “Request Electronic Recommendation”

  • The person who completes the recommendation should be your Academic Advisor, Graduate Chair, Program Director/Coordinator, Dean, etc., not your F-1 International Student Advisor.

Scan and attach the following documents:

Complete the digital Signature Documents

Scroll to top to click SUBMIT APPLICATION!!!

The F-1 International Student Advisor will then review the application in order to issue to the OPT Recommendation I-20. The I-20 will only be issued within the 90 days prior to the student’s graduation or within the 60-day Grace Period after the student’s graduation day. The student will then receive an email at their GatorLink account when the I-20 is ready to pick up from the UFIC front desk. The email will also include instructions regarding how to assemble the OPT application packet which the student is responsible to mail to USCIS.

To start the Optional Practical Training Request, students must click the following button and use their GatorLink credentials to login (please make sure to only create one request):  




To return to the same request later, please use the ISSS UF LOGIN button from the top of the side menu.