School for International Training (SIT)

The University of Florida International Center will fund up to four faculty members to participate in one of the Faculty Seminars Abroad programs organized by the School of International Training (SIT). The grant covers the full cost of the seminar (~$3,000) which includes accommodations, breakfast, some meals and airport transfers. The faculty member will be responsible for the cost of airfare and any other travel costs.

We will also consider other, comparable structured professional development opportunities for faculty.  See below after SIT description.

Each summer SIT offers seminars in different locations on different issues. The seminars offer intensive in-depth engagement with a select topic through lectures, site visits, and connections to local academics, researchers, and other local experts. 

Seminar participants will:

  • Engage with in-country academics, researchers, and other local experts, as well as peers from other US institutions.
  • Become immersed in the seminar’s topic and the culture of the host country.
  • Benefit from SIT’s broad network of resources in-country as well as SIT’s dynamic and experienced program faculty leaders.
  • Be able to apply new knowledge and expertise to professional work and courses.

In Summer 2019, three seminars will be offered:

  • Art and Memory in Argentina:
    Dates: June 2-9, 2019
    Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Topics of Inquiry: Analyze how residents of Buenos Aires have made sense of the violence of the dictatorship and the period of State Terrorism through the arts.

  • Community Health and Indigenous Knowledge in China
    Dates: June 4-12, 2019
    Locations: Kunming, China
    Topics of Inquiry: Study the intersection of “western” and “traditional” medicine in practice, policy, and community health in the city of Kunming and in Tibetan areas of Yunnan province.

  • The New Tunisia: Migration and Democratic Consolidation
    Dates: June 8-16, 2019
    Location: Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia
    Topics of Inquiry: Explore current issues in Tunisia, where the only successful revolution of the Arab Spring ushered in a new democracy as well as an influx of migrants headed towards the EU.

Eligibility and Program Requirements: Faculty 

  • All regular UF faculty teaching in disciplines related to the above seminars are eligible to apply. Adjuncts and visiting faculty are not eligible. Funding decisions are based on the relevance of the seminar’s focus to the applicant’s academic field, and the overall fit with teaching and research interests. We seek applicants who will derive significant professional benefits from this program.
  • Must be able to travel and participate in the entire seminar program.

Amount of Award

  • UFIC will pay the full program fee of approximately $3,000 directly to SIT on behalf of successful applicants.

Due Dates

  • February 8, 2019, Application form to Office for Global Research Engagement (SIT Form)
  • February 22, 2019, Applications due to School for International Training (SIT)

How to Apply​

  • Applicants should first complete the SIT online application form available at
  • To apply for UFIC support submit an electronic copy of your SIT application (either in PDF or Word format), along with a brief cover letter explaining how you expect participation in the program to enhance your own scholarship or teaching as well as UF’s international mission.  Applications should be submitted to Julie Fesenmaier via email: Deadline for applications is January 30, 2019.
  • Office for Global Research Engagement will make funding decisions based on the fit of faculty’s research and teaching activities to the proposed seminar.  UFIC funding is contingent on admission to the SIT seminar.


Other Faculty Development Seminars Abroad

For International Center funding to support travel and participation in other seminars abroad please prepare a brief proposal outlined below:

  • A summary cover page with name, UF department affiliation, name of seminar, destination, and dates.
  • One to two page narrative describing the proposed seminar abroad with an explanation of how the trip will contribute to the faculty member’s professional development. How will the program will contribute to the development of new international curricula, research, or other international activity supporting UF’s international mission?
  • Program description from the institution that is organizing the seminar abroad (URL or other description).
  • Brief CV (2 pages)
  • A budget detailing program costs.  UFIC will only support the program fees; other travel expenses are the responsibility of the faculty applicant.
  • A trip report is expected within 60 days of return. The trip report would document activities, connections to local organizations and individuals, cultural highlights of the trip, follow-up activities, and expected scholarly outputs.  See attached Trip Report template.

Contact Dr. Sandra Russo, Director, Office for Global Research Engagement – – to determine program feasibility for support.  Once approved, follow the application process below.

Post Travel Trip Report

After receiving funds to participate in a seminar abroad, the International Center requires that faculty complete the Faculty Trip Report form within 60 days of travel.