UF’s Learning Without Borders supports colleges, departments and faculty in the development of new, innovative UF faculty-led study abroad programs, and increase undergraduate student participation in study abroad.

  • For University of Florida units (departments, centers, programs, etc.) with undergraduate academic programming.

    The University of Florida International Center (UFIC), in coordination with the Learning Without Borders initiative, invites proposals from UF academic units (departments, centers, programs, etc.) for the development of sustainable curriculum-based signature study abroad programs. We intend these awards to foster Study Abroad participation at the unit, faculty, and student level. Specifically, we seek proposals for programs that will: 1) be unit-centered and ideally utilize multiple faculty members, rather than be connected to a single faculty member’s research or teaching interests; 2) contain academic content that meets curriculum (major, minor, etc.) requirements; and 3) be marketable as a signature experience with particular appeal to undergraduate students within the specific unit. In addition, proposals that identify ways to increase Study Abroad participation rates for under-represented students (defined in terms of student demographics and/or by unit/discipline) will be particularly appealing.

    We anticipate providing funding up to $25,000 for up to five proposals.

  • For faculty who have ongoing teaching appointments in undergraduate degree-granting units.
    The University of Florida International Center (UFIC) is pleased to announce a request for grant proposals to support the development of new innovative UF Study Abroad programs targeted to increasing diversity in Study Abroad participation from students in under-represented majors, non-traditional locations, and under-represented ethnic/racial/gender identities. The intent of Competition #2 is to award five (5) grants in the amount of up to $2,000 stipend, plus travel expenses for program development in host country to build capacity and diversify options for Study Abroad participation for under-represented students. The main purpose of the grant is to provide seed funds for innovative program development to increase and diversify Study Abroad options for UF students.