Because of the pandemic and difficulty of international travel, this program is currently on hold. However, we encourage you to put together a proposal which we will hopefully be able to consider in the future. Please check back early in the spring semester for updates.

This program provides an opportunity for UF faculty to lead undergraduate students to an international field site to participate in a primary research project abroad. In collaboration with the three Title VI area studies centers, one grant each will be made for Africa, Latin America, and Europe.  A fourth grant will be awarded for an RTA program in another world region (e.g. Asia or the Middle East).

Eligibility: Full time faculty (Adjuncts and visiting faculty are not eligible)

Activity: Leading 2 - 4 undergraduate students to the proposed international destination and supervising an approximately three-week research experience

Award: Up to $12,000 for one selected RTA per geographic region (Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia/Middle East)

Deadline: Applications will be due to the UF International Center (UFIC) by close of business on Monday, February 10th, 2020.  NOTE: Deadlines for initial submission to the area studies centers will be earlier.

Program dates: Summer 2020


A complete application package should include:

1. Application Form

2. Proposal

An approximately 2 page proposal, outlining the anticipated research project and how students would participate, as well as the faculty member’s qualifications and experience at the proposed site. The proposal should give an outline of proposed activities and explain the benefits to students, and how the program would differ from a traditional study abroad program.   

  • Proposed Budget

Application Submission Process

  • Applications must be submitted to UFIC by the deadline of Monday 10 February 2020.  Applications for RTA programs in Africa, Latin America, or Europe must be submitted to UFIC through the respective Area Studies Centers, which may set their own earlier deadlines. Faculty are encouraged to consult with the Center directors as well as Susanne Hill as they plan their proposed RTA.
  • RTA applications for other world regions (e.g., Asia, Middle East) should be submitted by the deadline directly to Susanne Hill at


UFIC: Susanne Hill, Executive Director –

Center for African Studies: Brenda Chalfin, Director –

Center for European Studies: Amie Kreppel, Director –

Center for Latin American Studies: Carlos de la Torre, Director -