Obtaining an International Scholars Program Designation for a Course

The International Scholars Program (ISP) is a global distinction available to all degree-seeking undergraduate students. The program encourages UF students to enhance their global engagement through the completion of international coursework, international experience or language learning, and participation in co-curricular activities. As a capstone to the program, students are required to produce an electronic portfolio where they reflect upon and showcase their international engagement at UF. Upon completion, students receive a graduation medallion. To learn more about the International Scholars Program click here.

Requesting ISP designation for your course

In order to graduate with the International Scholars distinction, students need to complete a 3-credit ISP-designated course. Faculty teaching inherently international courses and those who have added international content and activities to a non-international course are encouraged to consider adding their courses to the International Scholars program curricular offerings. ISP courses are added to the program’s online catalog and regularly promoted through newsletters and social media.

Course Eligibility

Courses must be inherently global (i.e., Global Health, The Arts in a Global Age, Global Media, Global Engineering Challenges/Engineering in a Global Context, Language & Culture courses, International Development…) or contain significant global components. Examples of global components include:

  • A mandatory course project based on a global issue
  • Meaningful interactions with international students or communities at home or abroad
  • International Virtual Exchange (teleconferencing) modules

Only 3-credit courses will be considered.


In order to be part of the curriculum of the International Scholars Program, courses must incorporate the following Student Learning Outcomes:

  • SLO1 (Content): Students identify, describe, and explain global and intercultural conditions and interdependencies.
  • SLO2 (Critical Thinking): Students analyze and interpret global and intercultural issues.
  • SLO3 (Communication): Students communicate effectively with members of other cultures.

Rubrics are available here.

By receiving an ISP designation, faculty agree to report on the attainment of these learning outcomes to the Office of Global Learning every three years. Currently the next academic year in which reporting will be required is 2020-2021.

If you would like your course to be considered for an ISP Designation, please click below for the application form.





Please email OGL@ufic.ufl.edu with any questions.