COVID-19 Faculty FAQs

UF encourages and supports faculty who wish to lead a study abroad program for UF students. The International Center (UFIC), in collaboration with UF academic units and colleges assists with the development and implementation of such programs.

Faculty-led study abroad programs are programs in which the academic instruction onsite is provided by UF faculty (for UF credit) or by a specially contracted host institution (transfer credit).  Typically, these are short-term programs (up to eight weeks), offered during the summer, spring break, or winter intersession. However, faculty is more than welcome to propose a semester program, as well.

Faculty are strongly encouraged to use Third Party Providers to assist with the logistics of a program, such as housing, classroom facilities, local transportation, cultural activities, etc. Some faculty may choose to make all these arrangements themselves, which – under certain circumstances – can be approved, as well.

We are excited to be working with you on this important endeavor and look very much forward to assisting you with all steps necessary in the process of developing and implementing a program that can meet our students’ academic, intercultural and personal needs.  Please look at our handbook for detailed information regarding the program development process. For a general overview of the entire development and implementation process, you may view these steps below.  

University of Florida International Center: A Guide to Program Development




Needs Assessment

Please make an appointment with either Nicole Fuls or Susanne Hill to discuss your ideas, program proposal guidelines and policies for leading a study abroad program. Nicole works with programs in Latin America and Asia, while Susanne works with programs in Europe and Africa. Feel free to contact either one of them for a possible program in Australia / New Zealand.


Standards of Good Practice

While developing your proposal, we encourage you to look at the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad, a leading resource in the field of International Education.


Program Proposal

Please submit a Program Proposal to either Nicole or Susanne, who will review it accordingly, make suggestions, etc. The proposal will then go to your Chair and Dean for final signature.  


Identify a Program Provider

Once your proposal has been approved by all the necessary parties, we will put you in touch with a Third Party Provider who will be able to arrange the program logistics for you. If you have identified a provider on your own, we will be happy to assist with the necessary vetting process. In very rare cases, faculty will be arranging logistics on their own.


Program Budget

Once you have worked with your provider to develop a general outline of your program’s activities, itineraries and logistical information, please schedule an appointment with June Bristol  to go over budget guidelines and requirements. Please complete the Budget Worksheet in preparation for the meeting.


Flyer Production

Once the program is approved, please contact Jess Mercier for the creation of a program flyer.


Application Process

Each Study Abroad Advisor is assigned to a certain geographical area in the world. The advisor for your region will be your main contact during the student application process.

The advisor will create a program page in the Study Abroad program portal (Terra Dotta), monitor student applications and approve students in consultation with faculty (if requested).


Program Payments

Payments to vendors will be processed by UFIC’s Finance Manager Susan Lukowe upon receipt of an invoice.
Foreign vendors will be required to complete the IRS form W8BENE if not currently in UF’s vendor file. Susan can provide instructions to be sent to the foreign vendor.


Travel Preparation

  • Faculty Agreement will be emailed to faculty approximately 60 days prior to start of program.
  • Faculty should compare the agreement with the approved budget for accuracy. Sign and return by email to June Bristol, or fax to 352-392-5575.
  • A copy of the faculty agreement should be given to the travel coordinator in your department or Shared Services. Any questions should be directed to Susan Lukowe at or 352-273-1534.
  • For chart-fields for travel authorization, please call Susan Lukowe.
  • If a cash advance is needed, please arrange a time to meet with Susan Lukowe at least three weeks prior to departure.


Airline Ticket

  • Once the minimum enrollment has been met and students are “Approved”, airline tickets can be purchased. Airline tickets should be purchased on department’s PCard using UFIC’s chart-field string. Contact Susan Lukowe for chartfield number.
  • If airfare is purchased on traveler’s personal credit card, traveler will be reimbursed either when requesting a travel advance or upon filing an Expense Report at completion of trip.


Travel Cash Advance on Travel Authorization prepared in department

  • Travel Cash Advance is requested in MyUFL by the traveler.
  • Summer Travel Expense Advances are capped at $10,000.
    You must have the PeopleSoft role of UF_EX-TRAVELER to request a cash advance.
    See your department security administrator to obtain this role.
  • Upon return, Travel Expense Report needs to be filed within 10 days.


Faculty Compensation

  • Twelve month faculty and faculty receiving funding from grants or other funding sources during term of study abroad must notify Susan Lukowe to initiate a “Request for Approval of Additional University Employment and State of Florida Employment (HR-600)” to be sent to faculty’s department.
  • Salary will be paid in a lump sum, and (as OPS) not subject to retirement, on the UF “payday” of your program start date, either summer A, or summer B, but no earlier than the first “payday” of the summer term.


Accompanying Family

Faculty members can choose to take family members such as spouses and or children abroad with them. It is important to note that family members cannot interfere with the safe and timely delivery of the program. Please note that the university is in no way responsible for family members while abroad.

UFIC will not be able to pay for additional costs associated with accompanying family members (e.g. a larger apartment to house accompanying family, transportation, baggage fees, excursions, meals, childcare, etc.).

Please notify us, if you plan for accompanying family. If you plan to bring small children, please let us know their age and how you plan for their care while leading the program


Program Expense Advance (separate from Program Cash Advance)

  • Contact Susan Lukowe (352-273-1534), 30 days prior to travel to make request for Program Expense Advance.
  • Complete EFT form and advance will be direct deposited into your account.
  • Upon return, receipts need to be submitted to Susan Lukowe for reconciliation of “Program Expense Advance.”
  • Credit card charges require the itemized charges, not just the credit card receipt.
  • Tape receipts on 8 1/2 x 11 paper in order of receipt date.
  • List all expenses on the Expense Worksheet.


Emergency Information Worksheet

PRIOR TO DEPARTURE – COMPLETE the Emergency Information Worksheet and attach final itinerary for International Center Risk Management.  Submit to June Bristol.

Please be aware of the following deadlines as you prepare your program.

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Deadlines Spring Program Spring Break Program Summer & Fall
Program Proposals May 1 August 15 October 1
Budget Information July 31 September 30 December 1
Emergency Contact Sheet October 30 December 20 March 1