The University of Florida extends itself globally through international agreements which are facilitated through the UF International Center (UFIC). Please use the guide below to learn more about the different type of agreements the UFIC facilitates.

Types of Agreements

  • Cooperative Agreement: This agreement establishes a basic relationship between UF and a partner institution to collaborate on matters of mutual interest.
  • Reciprocal Exchange Agreement (Student Exchange): This agreement establishes a true exchange program where students from the partner institution can attend UF and UF students can attend the partner institution as non-degree seeking students. The key part of this agreement is that the same number of students between institutions is balanced over the life of the agreement.
  • Study Abroad Contracts: Program contracts specify services rendered onsite by a third-party provider during a study abroad program. Study abroad contracts can be signed with host institutions, NGO’s, travel agencies, etc. These contracts specify housing, local transportation, classroom facilities, excursions, cost of tuition, etc. Please contact Dr. Susanne Hill for more information.
  • Other: Some agreements do not easily fit within the constraints of UFIC's pre-approved reciprocal or cooperative agreements. The International Center will evaluate each agreement on a case by case basis and consult general counsel if necessary to assess the agreement. Please contact Dr. Susanne Hill who will review a proposed agreement and provide guidance.

International agreements or Memoranda Of Understanding (MOUs) between UF and universities outside the United States may take many forms. Templates for Cooperative Agreements and Reciprocal Exchange Agreements have been approved by the UF General Counsel's office. Agreements should be submitted to the UFIC Executive Director for review. If no changes have been made to the wording, the agreement may be signed by the Dean of UFIC without further review. If changes are made to the wording, the agreement may need to be reviewed by General Counsel for approval before being signed by the Dean of UFIC.  Please consult with the UFIC Executive Director for any questions regarding these templates or other agreements. 

All agreements administered through UFIC will consist of the following elements:

  • Academic Manager: A UF faculty member serves as the Academic Manager (AM) for each agreement. The AM for cooperative agreements is the main liaison to the partner institution. The appointed faculty member is in charge of carrying out the proposed activities and will provide the UFIC with a report on the activities associated with the agreement. The AM for reciprocal agreements is actively involved in the recruitment of outgoing students. The appointed faculty member approves applications and assists with the grade and credit conversion. The AM also assists incoming exchange students.
  • For the Benefit: All agreements must be "for the benefit" of a specific college/department at UF. Agreements are typically not university-wide. 
  • Proposed Activities: Please submit the survey for Proposed Activities along with your proposed agreement.  
  • Letter of Approval: A Letter of Approval from the UF Department Chair and the UF College Dean / Associate Dean must accompany the submission of an agreement.
  • Certificate of Translation: An Certificate of Translation must be submitted for all agreements in a language other than English.
  • Electronic Submission: All agreements must be submitted electronically to UFIC for review PRIOR to being signed by the partner institution and UF.
  • Signature Authority:   By direction of the President, UFIC processes all international agreements, reviews all formats and accompanying approval letters, coordinates approval by General Counsel.  The Dean of the International Center signs the agreement on behalf of the UF President. 
All international agreements must pass through the International Center to be valid. The UFIC Dean and the Provost are the sole individuals on campus who hold the authority to sign international agreements.

Dr. Susanne Hill
Executive Director, UFIC
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PO Box 113225
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Ms. Amanda Apatow
Executive Assistant, Dr. Susanne Hill
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