Reasons to establish an International Memorandum of Understanding:

  • Facilitate collaborative research among faculty
  • Enable faculty or student exchanges and visits
  • Have access to facilities and/or resources not available in the US
  • Provide access to faculty and students from partner institution to UF facilities
  • Serve as a general framework agreement to establish other types of agreements

How to establish an International Memorandum of Understanding:

The table below outlines the forms and steps necessary for establishing an International MOU. 

Please note that we are currently  implementing a new online submission and approval process for all international agreements. We anticipate that this will streamline and facilitate the various approval and compliance requirements.  The system is in final development and will be ready for use soon. 

The existing forms and templates noted below will remain the same.  You can thus continue to move forward with preparing those forms as well as reviewing the agreement template with your partner institution.   However, please do not submit new or renewal MOUs and supporting documentation to us at this time.  In the meantime, we will be happy to assist and to answer any questions you might have.  Please contact Sharon Brown at:






International Memorandum of Understanding


UF General Counsel has approved templates in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The templates may be modified with the guidance of Dr. Susanne Hill.

Proposed Activities (for new agreements)

Activities Reports (for renewals)

Please complete this form and submit along with the completed template. 


Letter of Approval

With this letter, the College and Department (or similar unit as appropriate) confirm their approval for the faculty member to serve as the Academic Manager (AM) of the proposed agreement and the proposed activities. The letter also requires the AM’s signature. 


Complete International Memorandum of Understanding See link above

Proposed Activities See link above

Letter of Approval See link above

Certificate of Translation or CoT

Please send all documents to Sharon Brown ( with a copy to:

CoT: Only required for translations of documents and languages that are not pre-approved.



Once all documents have been submitted, they will be reviewed by UFIC Executive Director and Dean as well as the UF Office of Research. Upon approval they will be prepared for signature.

SIGNATURE OF AGREEMENT   Two copies of the original agreement are signed by the Dean of the UF International Center and then sent to the partner institution for counter-signature. 



Upon receipt of the fully executed agreement from the partner institution, the agreement is activated and an electronic copy is forwarded to the academic manager.
The agreement will be listed on the UFIC website


UFIC will contact the Academic Manager approximately  120 days prior to the agreement expiration date to determine whether a renewal is desired.
In that case, the  AM manager should initiate the same process as above, using the renewals Activities Report form.
If a renewal is not desired, UFIC will send a notice of expiration to the partner institution and retire the agreement accordingly