A reciprocal agreement is a true exchange program where students from each institution can spend either a semester or year at the host institution as a non-degree seeking student.

Components of a reciprocal student exchange agreement:

  • Students will pay tuition to their home university while attending classes at the host institution.
  • For the reason above, the number of students who come and go between institutions must balance over the life of the agreement.
  • UFIC is responsible for the immigration compliance of exchange students and will assist the faculty member in negotiating the terms of the exchange.
  • Academic Managers are responsible for promoting the exchange and should have a line of communication with the partner institution. Please see below for helpful tips on creating a successful exchange program.

How to establish a reciprocal student exchange agreement​:

To establish a reciprocal agreement, the following is required. Templates can be found at the bottom of this page.





Reciprocal Student Exchange Agreement

UF has a General Council approved template which outlines the exchange and would be negotiated to fit the needs of both institutions and their respective students.  

Course Equivalencies, Example

Please submit a list of courses students can take at the partner institution and their equivalent course for UF credit.


Letter of Approval or LOA

Approval from the department to establish an agreement. Please use department letterhead when obtaining signatures.


Agreement see link above

Course Equivalencies see link above

Letter of Approval see link above

Certificate of Translation or CoT

Please send all documents to Sharon Brown (sbrown@ufic.ufl.edu) with a copy to: agreements@ufic.ufl.edu

CoT: Only required for translations of documents and languages that are not pre-approved.


Original Documents

Two original agreements are signed on behalf of the UF President, so each institution may have an original on file. UFIC will facilitate this process.

Electronic Documents

UFIC will accept electronic documents. Scans must be clear and legible. UFIC will facilitate this process.


Agreement is considered fully executed

Upon receipt by UFIC of the fully-executed agreement from the partner institution, the agreement is activated and an electronic copy is forwarded to the academic manager.


UFIC will keep the agreement for UF reference and includes it on UFIC’s website listing of Reciprocal Agreements 


Agreement Renewals:

120 days prior to the expiration date of an agreement, UFIC will contact the Academic Manager to start the renewal process. UFIC will review the exchange balance as well as the academic performance of students who have participated in the exchange and make a recommendation to renew or allow the agreement to expire. The Academic Manager will be asked to confirm the continuous academic rigor of the partner institution and submit a renewal endorsement. Based on these evaluations, the agreement will be either renewed or allowed to expire.

Please note that a new template for reciprocal student exchange agreement has been developed, which will be used for all agreements that come up for renewal.

To renew the agreement, UFIC will need the following documents:

Renewal Process

Agreement Documents

Reciprocal Student Exchange Agreement 

For every renewal, a new agreement will be signed. Our office will work with the partner institution on any changes they would like to make to this template. 

Renewal Endorsement Please contact your study abroad advisor if you need more detailed information regarding this exchange and how students performed in the past. 

Signature Process

Original Documents   (1)


Electronic Documents (2)                      


  1. Two original agreements are signed by the Dean of UFIC, so each institution may have an original on file. UFIC will facilitate this process.
  1. UFIC will accept electronic documents. Scans must be clear and legible. UFIC will facilitate this process.

Agreement Activation

The agreement is considered fully executed / renewed, once both parties have signed. 

UFIC will keep the agreement for UF reference and includes it on UFIC’s website listing.

Reciprocal Agreements


Attachment A – Definition of Contacts:

Academic Manager – This is the UF Faculty member who intends to collaborate with the partner institution. This is the individual we will contact to renew the agreement when it is due to expire. If this individual leaves UF while the agreement is active, please contact UFIC to either name a new contact or cancel the agreement.

Partner Institutional Contact – This is the individual in the Partner Institution who the UF faculty member will work with on the academic component of the agreement.

2nd Partner Institutional Contact (optional and preferred) – This contact is the individual who will facilitate the signing of the agreement on behalf of the partner institution.

Helpful tips on building a successful exchange program:

  • Promote and market exchange to UF students by holding info sessions and attending the bi-annual Study Abroad Fair.
  • Study Abroad Services can create a promotional flyer for the exchange.
  • Keep an open line of communication with the partner institution and the Study Abroad Advisor assigned to the exchange. Details such as nomination/application deadlines and visa procedures are subject to change which can greatly effect students and their ability to participate in the exchange.
  • Extend an active welcome to participants and be available to both incoming and outgoing students.
  • Assist with academic questions, concerns, problems for incoming and outgoing students, specifically advising or referring to appropriate academic personnel  for course selection, registration etc.
  • Keep in touch with students after they return. These students turn into advocates for the program and can be a great resource for potential exchange students!