Research in the field of global health is widespread across the University of Florida campus. There are faculty in all of UF’s schools and colleges conducting research on topics found at the intersection of their specific research core and a global health perspective. In the spirit of transcending disciplines, this network supports the development of a research ecosystem that fosters collaboration and upholds an environment that embraces creativity by advancing new ideas, cultivating new theories, and shaping practical applications to benefit the big societal outcomes that transcend borders and unite humanity.

The goal of the GHN is to:

  • Foster new research and practice partnerships;
  • Support opportunities for group meetings and symposia;
  • Target research dissemination;
  • Advance sponsored research;
  • Share best practice for new models of curriculum and experiential learning opportunities.

The GHN builds on the foundation established by the Global Health Council, which continues to have institutional support and financial sponsorship from the Colleges of Public Health and Health Professions and Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Health Science Center, the Emerging Pathogens Institute, the UF Office of Research, and the UF International Center.