The International Student Speakers' Bureau (ISSB) is a group of international students from the University of Florida who volunteer to teach local school children about their home countries. The goal of the program is to promote global awareness.

Presentation Topics

Presentations include topics such as language, festivals, holidays, school and childhood in their country, weddings, geography, landmarks, food, clothing, songs and dances. International speakers can also bring along artifacts, clothing, musical instruments, pictures, slide shows and videos from their country to illustrate their ideas to students. If desired, teachers may request a certain topic to coincide with a specific classroom lesson.

Presentation Format

International speakers' presentations can go from 20 minutes to 1 hour in length depending on the needs of the school. The speaker can either talk to one class per visit or multiple speakers might be able to speak to multiple classrooms by having the students rotate into "country-themed"€ classrooms throughout the school. For multiple speakers’ events, please provide three to four-week notice.

Request a Speaker

If you are a teacher or school administrator in the Gainesville area and would like to request a speaker(s) to talk to your students, please contact Michell Hernandez, ISSB Student Coordinator, (352) 273-1520 or 273-1515 and please have the following information available:

  • Preferred date and time, and at least one alternative date.
  • Number of speakers
  • Indicate if you have an area of interest, world region or a specific country(s) in mind
  • Name and location of school
  • School grade and/or students age
  • Presentation length (we find that 45 minutes is the most optimal for educational purposes)
  • Additional related information: contact person at school, parking information, check-in procedure at school, if a meal/refreshments will be offered, etc.

Become a Speaker

To become an International Speaker for ISSB, simply contact Michell Hernandez, ISSB Student Coordinator, (352) 273-1520 or 273-1515.

We make it easy for you!

  • Events occur throughout the semester so you may choose event dates that fit your schedule.
  • Transportation may be provided.
  • Training and assistance with presentations is available.