Exchange Visitor must pursue program objectives and activities as consistent with what their initial program detailed.  Program objectives must remain the same regardless of transfers.

EVS rarely changes the CIP code (which indicates the field of research) for a transferring-in J-1.  A change is possible  only if as the change is inclusive of the original and UF program objectives. EVS will review this information as part of our transfer-in requirements and determines such changes on a case-by-case basis.

Transfer may not require an extension of J-1 category status beyond the maximum duration of stay. Maximum durations of stay will be determined from the original program start date. Maximum durations of stay do not start over with a SEVIS to SEVIS transfer.

Exchange Visitor must be in Active J-1 status in order for a transfer to be conducted. This includes a current and valid DS-2019 which is unexpired and not terminated.

Exchange Visitor has sufficient funding for the program period after transfer.

EVS does not transfer out or accept expired or terminated SEVIS records for transfer.

Exchange Visitor should not travel outside of the U.S. during the transfer-out period until the SEVIS record is transferred and mandatory check-in with their new international office is complete.

SEVIS to SEVIS transfers require RO/ARO approval from both U.S. institutions.

Exchange Visitor must complete mandatory check-in immediately after the transfer release day (no more than 15-days after transfer release date)


The process for a UF host department for a SEVIS to SEVIS transfer-in (J-1 transferring to UF) would be to conduct the standard process and paperwork of Inviting a Scholar or Inviting a Student Intern. EVS requests a current packet up to 30 days prior to the intended UF program start date.

Additional documents to be included with the EVS standard documents:

  • EVS Transfer-In Information Form
    The U.S. Department of State now prohibits distributed electronic copies of DS-2019s. In order for EVS to determine if a SEVIS to SEVIS transfer is warranted, EVS must have specific information from the J-1’s current SEVIS record. Only program sponsors who control the immigration status of an Exchange Visitor can access and view the Exchange Visitor’s SEVIS record. This form will assist EVS with approval for the SEVIS to SEVIS transfer and must be included in the EVS DS-2019 Request Packet.
  • Transfer-In Form (official)
    This form will be completed by the incoming Exchange Visitor (top portion and sign/date the bottom). The form is then provided the Exchange Visitor’s current institution’s international office. An authorized RO/ARO from the current institution will need to complete the “Current Program Sponsor Information”. Sometimes a program sponsor wants confirmation from the new host institution’s international office prior to completing this form. If this is the case this form would not have to be submitted with the DS-2019 Request Packet, and can be obtained after the Request Packet submission EVS can assist with any specifics to help facilitate the completion of our official Transfer-In form.. The recommended SEVIS release date can be the day before or the day of the UF program start date as noted on the UF invitation/offer letter.

After review of the DS-2019 Request Packet EVS will create the Exchange Visitors profile in our database. If anything is missing, incorrect, or if further information is needed the UF host department will be contacted by email with instructions.

Once our Transfer-In Form is received EVS will contact the noted RO/ARO to confirm by email UF will accept the SEVIS to SEVIS transfer, confirm the date of release for the SEVIS record, and will provide UF’s J Program Number. UF will only release our J Program Number once we have all needed documents for the DS-2019 Request and have determined the transfer-in is warranted and appropriate. EVS will assist with any needs to get our official Transfer-In Form completed. Once all items are received, reviewed and approved, the appropriate EVS advisor will email all parties involved (incoming J-1, J-1’s current Exchange Visitor advisor,. as noted on our official Transfer-In Form, as well as the UF departmental administrator) that all aspects of the transfer-in are complete and UF has authorized the release of the incoming SEVIS record.


The process for a current UF J-1 Exchange Visitor to request a SEVIS to SEVIS transfer from UF to another U.S. institution approved to host J-1 Exchange Visitors is completion of EVS’s Transfer-Out Form. EVS’s Transfer-Out form is to be completed by the J-1 (top portion) and signed/dated by the J-1’s current UF faculty host supervisor. The “New Program Sponsor Information” section is to be completed by an approved RO/ARO from the new inbound U.S. institution. Along with our Transfer-Out form the J-1 will need to include a copy of their new institution’s offer or invitation letter which must contain a description of the proposed program activities. Once EVS has determined the SEVIS to SEVIS transfer-out is warranted, the appropriate EVS advisor will email all parties involved (outgoing J-1, new RO/ARO as noted on EVS’s completed Transfer-Out form, as well as the UF departmental administrator). EVS can initiate the SEVIS release date in advance. On the date of the recommend transfer released date the international office at the new U.S. institution will have access to the J-1’s SEVIS record. The J-1 should communicate with their new international office for specifics on what is needed for the transfer-in as well as any check-in requirements. On the date of the SEVIS release date the J-1 will be under sponsorship from their new U.S. institution and will no longer have any responsibilities to the UFIC/EVS.