The J-1 program is a blend of educational and cultural exchange. We would like exchange visitors to concentrate on teaching, research, studies, or internship, but we also hope they will take full advantage of this opportunity to meet American people and experience American culture, as well as teaching others about their own. Every semester The UFIC hosts several cultural events for exchange visitors. We also encourage exchange visitors to take part in other events hosted by the University, the host College/department, and the City of Gainesville, such as the Medieval Faire and the downtown Farmer's Market.

The 'exchange' component of the program also means that exchange visitors are expected to go back home after finishing the program. In this way they can share knowledge and experience with colleagues and friends back in their home country.

The UFIC will help exchange visitors to understand the J program rules and processes during their stay at UF. If there are questions about changing the program, transferring to another department or university, or inviting family members to the U.S., we are here to guide. The UFIC also ensures compliance with the government regulations, including health insurance requirements and maintaining program objectives.