Dragan Kujundzic
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
English and Jewish Studies

Students who successfully complete this course will acquire a historical, political, poetic and philosophical
perspective on the ways the Danube stands as the metaphor of the constitution of Europe and will be able to
describe the ways the river serves as the founding geographical marker and the metaphor for the
international and interdependent, fluid boundaries of Europe, from antiquity to modern day. Students also
analyze and interpret some of the foundational texts related to philosophy of nation and nationalism,
European identity, psychoanalysis of politics, develop critical thinking about the strategies of exclusion,
racism and genocide, ecological issues at the end of antropocene in global warming, as well as cultural
sedimentation of the Danube in all its rich tradition in art, literature, poetry, philosophy. Finally they
effectively communicate alternative visions of interdependency, linguistic and cultural richness, a
different ethics of diasporic co-existence emblematized by the river