UFIC Deposit, Application Fee, & Program Fee Refund Policies

Deposits, application fees, and program fees are non-refundable.  Program fees include related expenses for the program.  Alterations or deviations from the program itinerary (including excursions) will not be refunded.

Deposit/ Application Fee

If you choose to withdraw from a program the deposit/application fee cannot be refunded. However, it can be transferred to a different program one year after the withdrawn semester. Please contact your advisor to arrange this.

UFIC Cancellation/Withdrawal Policies

In order for UFIC to cancel/withdraw your application, you must notify your Study Abroad Advisor and Faculty leader and/or third-party program provider in writing (email notification is acceptable).  Please note that we cannot process your cancellation/withdrawal if you notify solely your program director, academic advisor, professor, or third-party provider.

Students canceling/withdrawing within 60 days prior to the start of the program are liable for fees in accordance with the following schedule (We count the day UFIC receives the written notification as the date of cancellation/withdrawal) *:

46-60 days prior to the program's start date: 50% of program fee
31-45 days prior to the program's start date: 75% of program fee
0-30 days prior to the program's start date: 100% of program fee

*Students who are accepted by UFIC within 60 days of the program's start date will have one week from the date of UFIC's acceptance to cancel/withdraw without the aforementioned fee liability.  After this one-week window, they will be held liable for fees in accordance with the schedule listed above.

Some programs have program-specific cancellation/withdrawal policies.  Program-specific policies will always take precedence over the general cancellation/withdrawal policies outlined above. 

No refund will be given if a student is dismissed for misconduct (violation of UF Student Conduct Code, host institution conduct code, host country laws, alcohol/drug abuse, etc.). All refund requests will be reviewed by the Director of Study Abroad and  the Executive Director for UFIC.

UF will not refund airfare or other costs incurred as a result of program changes or cancellations/withdrawals. Students should keep this in mind if purchasing non-refundable tickets and should consider purchasing cancellation insurance to reduce risk.

UF Sponsored Program Cancellation/Modifications

The University of Florida International Center reserves the right to cancel a program before it has started. Under such circumstances program fees are refunded based on aforementioned refund policy. UFIC and associated host institutions reserve the right to make changes, modifications or substitutions to the program in cases of changes at host site locations or in the interest of the program and its participants.

Medical or Emergency Cancellation/Withdrawal Policy

Students cancelling/withdrawing from a program due to medical reasons must submit proper documentation (physician’s note) to be eligible for a refund of the tuition of a program. Students who experience a medical emergency or another emergency that requires early departure from the program will be responsible for any additional travel and related costs that may be incurred. Any refund of program fees will be based on UF and UFIC refund policies.  Students are responsible for making arrangements with their faculty for any coursework missed as a result of early departure.  While it is the discretion of the faculty to award credits for coursework completed, early departure from a program may resulted in substantial coursework missed, and therefore, credits may not be awarded.  Please contact Financial Aid regarding any impact of cancellation/early departure on your financial aid. Requests for early withdrawal must be submitted in writing to the Study Abroad Advisor for the program, faculty leader, and/or third-party program provider. Students on financial aid must adhere to all refund policies and deadlines as stated by the UF Financial Aid office.