All students enrolled in a Non-UF program must apply to UF Study Abroad prior to the UF Study Abroad application deadline.  Students who retroactively enroll will be required to pay the application fee.

Deposits and application fees must be paid via cashier’s check, personal check, or money order. We are unable to accept cash, credit or debit card payments.

Payments by check or money order, should include the following on the front of the check or money order in the space available:

Make Check or Money Order Payable to:  UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA

  • Name & UFID
  • Name of your Study Abroad Program
  • Term and Year of your program

Deposit/Application Fee Increase Announcement

We’re very happy to announce the Study Abroad application software is being updated. By Fall 2018, students will be able to pay their program deposits/application fee by credit or debit card.

In order to provide these quality new services, the deposit/application fee will increase to $375 for UF Sponsored programs, Exchanges, and Non-UF programs. The application fee for Independent study programs will be $150.

This fee increase will take effect after March 15, 2018 for Fall 2018 and subsequent terms. Take advantage of the savings and pay the deposit/service fee for your Fall 2018 Study Abroad program before March 15th! 

Students who are applying for summer 2018 programs will be charged the current deposit/application fees listed below. Fees are subject to change without further notification.

We look forward to being able to serve you better in 2018!

Deposit & Application Fee

All students are required to pay a deposit or a application fee when applying to their chosen study abroad program.  This fee is due within 21 days of starting your application in our system and is non-refundable should you withdraw your application. Please review the table below for specific deposit/application fee amounts.

  Program Type Payable with application
Deposit UF Sponsored Programs $375
Summer Journalism Program  $375
UF Summer Law Programs $375
Vicenza Architecture Program $750
Application Fee Semester UF Exchange Programs Including Law Exchanges $375
AY UF Exchange including Law Exchanges $375
NON- UF AY Programs $375
NON-UF Semester and Summer Programs $375
NON-UF Programs for Law Students $375
UF Independent Studies and UF Independent Internship Programs $150
Other fees Late Application Fee (After stated UFIC deadline) $50
Reinstatement Fee (Applicable if application was canceled and  reinstated)  $50


All deposits and application fees are non-refundable.

Withdrawing or canceling from a program after acceptance may result in cancellation fee and have financial aid implications.  See UFIC Cancellation policy and contact financial aid before withdrawing from a program. Complete Change in Status Form and submit to UFIC.

The deposit/application fee can be paid in person in the International Center during regular office hours or by mail to:
UF International Center
SAS Accounts Receivable
170 HUB Stadium Road (P.O. Box 113225)
Gainesville, FL 32611-3225

Additionally, your deposit or application fee must be paid via check or money order. (We are unable to accept credit or debit card payments at this time). If you are paying by check or money order, please include the following on the front of the check in the space available:

Payable to: University of Florida
Your Name & UFID
The Name of your Study Abroad Program
The Term and Year of your program

Program Fees

Final payment of program fees for all UF Sponsored and Exchange programs will be due no later than 45 days prior to the start date of the program. You will receive an invoice by email from the International Center for the program fee less the deposit paid.  The balance will be posted to your UF account and can be paid in MyUFL or at the International Center.

  • Payment by e-check, credit/debit card can be made online in MyUFL: There is no processing fee for payments made by e-check(EFT) or bank transfer.  Your bank’s routing number and checking account number will be needed. Video tutorial for making payment by e-check (EFFT) can be found at
  • Payment can be made by check or Money Order payable to University of Florida: Be sure to include the following on the front of the check or money order:

Student Name & UFID
Name of Study Abroad Program
Term and Year of the program

  • Payment can be made by mail or in person at the International Center in the Hub. When mailing the payment, send payment to:

UF International Center
SAS Accounts Receivable
P.O. Box 113225
1765 Stadium Road, 170 Hub
Gainesville, FL 32611-3225