The University of Florida welcomes students from other institutions to apply to our study abroad programs.  While many of our programs have limitations on the number of students we can accept, many programs are able to accommodate non-UF students.

Application Procedures

The majority of the application will be completed online, but non-UF students will need to submit additional materials in order to complete their applications.  Please see the general outline below for the application procedures. For detailed information about how to complete a study abroad application as a non-UF students, click here.

  • Click on Program Search on our menu. Once you find your program, please double-check the program information to make sure that it is the correct program.
  • When you are ready to start the application, click on Apply Now and create your username and password following the procedures given.
  • After starting your application, immediately complete the Signature Documents and Questionnaires.  These items take approximately 30 minutes to review and complete. (Note: You will not have access to the signature documents until we receive your Signature Verification Form with a copy of your Driver's License or Passport)
  • Please remember to mail in an Official Transcript from your most current institution and your Deposit/Service Charge as soon as you can.  The Non-Degree Form and Academic Report Request packet, the Signature Verification Form and the Non-UF Advisor Form can be mailed, faxed or scanned and emailed to the advisor in charge of non-degree processing.  Please note that the deposit/service charge is due seven days after starting your application.

Program Eligibility

Non-UF students wishing to study abroad through UF will need to participate in a UF Sponsored or UF Exchange program (Please note, most UF Exchange programs are limited to UF degree-seeking students and non-UF students will not be able to participate).  In order to be eligible, students need to be in a degree-seeking program at their home institution at the time the program starts and meet all other eligibility requirements for the program (some exceptions may be made with prior approval from the Program Director and the Director of Study Abroad).

Financial Aid and Consortium Agreements

All financial aid for non-UF students will need to be administered through the home institution.  Each student will need to contact their financial aid office at their home institution in order to have them initiate a consortium agreement with our office.  This form will need to be submitted to June Bristol, Senior Accountant in charge of developing budgets for UF Sponsored and UF Exchange programs.  Please note that no consortium agreement will be signed until the student has been approved to participate in their chosen study abroad program.

Final Grades and Transcript Requests

Once you complete your study abroad program, your final grades will be posted in ISIS, our online student records system.  After the grades are posted, you will be able to log in using the Gatorlink credentials created prior to course registration and view your final grades.  The University of Florida International Center will provide one official transcript to your home institution to the address provided on the Academic Report Request form. The transcript will be sent to your home institution approximately 2-4 weeks after UF grades are posted. Each additional transcript will need to be requested by the student via ISIS and will cost $6 within the first 6 months after the end of your program and $12 after 6 months.