All financial aid at the University of Florida is administered through Student Financial Affairs (SFA) and disbursed by the Bursar's office through direct deposit to the student.  All students considering studying abroad should talk to their financial aid advisor to assess their eligibility for aid prior to committing to a study abroad program. Study abroad students should verify with SFA that their financial file is complete prior to departure. Students should know when their aid will disburse, how it will disburse, and how much they will receive.  Financial aid should disburse after the UF semester begins but no earlier than 10 days prior to the program start date.  Not all aid disburses at once; a student may receive several disbursements throughout the semester.

Financial Aid Process

There are many ways to fund your Study Abroad program such as Federal Financial Aid, grants, eligible scholarships, Florida Pre-paid, Bright Futures and student loans. It is essential to meet with yous financial aid advisor in Student Financial Affairs (SFA). Use this handy Budget worksheet to calculate and compare the cost of Study Abroad programs.

After applying to your Study Abroad program, the budget for your program will be used to determine your eligibility for aid.

Financial Aid Checklist

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at for the current academic year.
  2. Meet with Study Abroad Financial Aid Advisor if using financial aid for your Study Abroad program.
  3. Once you are approved for your program, a budget will be sent to Student Financial Affairs for your selected program only if you indicate in your application that you are using Financial Aid to pay for your program
  4. Check with your Study Abroad Financial Aid Advisor to ensure your budget has been processed.
  5. Accept all awards on the “Awards and Disbursement” page in the One.UFL system.
  6. First time student loan borrowers must complete the “Entrance Counseling” and sign a Master Promissory Note listed under “Financial Aid Status” in One.UFL
  7. Ensure you have no missing documents by checking your Financial Aid Status page regularly each week before leaving the United States.
  8. Complete a release of Information form, which is done online using this guide This will allow SFA to discuss your financial aid information with your authorized individuals while you are abroad.
  9. Sign-up for direct deposit through
  10. Update your local and permanent address in the UF Directory at
  11. Check in with the Study Abroad Financial Aid Advisor before leaving the United States to ensure your financial aid file is complete and your aid will disburse.

For information on how to complete the new electronic Financial Information Release form, see this instructional video at

Loans and Grants

A budget reflecting the cost of attending the program will be sent to Student Financial Affairs once the following conditions have been met:

  • The student's study abroad application has been approved.
  • On the questionnaire “How will you pay for your program”, the student answered YES to the question, “Have you completed a FAFSA for this academic year” in which the student will be studying abroad.

Once the student's budget is sent to SFA and posted to their account, the student must speak to the study abroad financial aid advisor to have their aid recalculated based on their financial need as determined by their FAFSA.

Florida Prepaid College Plan

Florida Prepaid is not financial aid so does not disburse with aid. Florida Prepaid is a tuition plan that pays per credit hour and determined by the plan purchased for the student.

Your current Florida Prepaid credit hour rate can be found by looking in myUFL at your last term’s benefit amount then dividing by the number of credits registered  

For a student enrolled in UF credits, the UF Bursar will invoice the Florida Prepaid College Plan after the terms drop/add date. The benefit funds will be processed though the student’s account in myUFL.

A study abroad student earning transfer credits must complete and return the Florida Prepaid Request Form to the UF International Center (UFIC). Students who have the Florida Prepaid dorm plan and would like one term of dorm benefit to use for study abroad costs must also complete the form. The UFIC will invoice the Florida Prepaid Plan after the student’s program begins. These funds will be released to UFIC about 6-8 weeks after the start of the program. Upon disbursement, these funds will be applied to outstanding program fees for a UF Sponsored study abroad program. If all study abroad related fees are paid, a check will be mailed to the U.S. address indicated on the form. Funds cannot be direct deposited in this case.

For your account information on the Florida Prepaid program, please contact the Florida Prepaid College Plan Office at 1-800-552-GRAD.

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program and Additional Awards Reporting

Bright Futures will pay based on current State of Florida policy. Currently, Bright Future Scholar students can use their scholarship for tuition and fees for many Study Abroad summer programs. Student must be enrolled in at least 6 credits for the term to receive Bright Futures.

A student receiving any other scholarships must report it to Student Financial Affairs. For assistance with financial aid for Study Abroad, use to submit your study abroad financial aid question.

Grades from courses taken abroad will count in the GPA and may be used to determine future scholarship or other eligibilities.

Students are advised not to take S/U option grades without first confirming how it may affect their awards and aid. 

Non-UF students

Non-UF students should request that their home institution send a consortium agreement to UFIC (fax to 352-392-5575 or e-mail to Linda Gritman). Once UFIC has approved the student’s participation, the consortium agreement will be completed and returned to the financial aid office at the student’s home institution. Non-UF students using financial aid must provide proof of aid for any deferment of program fees by having their financial aid advisor complete the Confirmation of Financial Aid Award for Non-UF Students form.  Fee can be deferred up to the amount of aid to disburse for the term.

Financial Aid Resources