All financial aid at the University of Florida is administered through Student Financial Affairs (SFA) and disbursed by the Bursar's office. Students considering study abroad should talk to a financial aid advisor in SFA to assess their aid eligibility prior to committing to a study abroad program. Make sure you have completed the financial aid application process outlined here.

Once you are approved for a study abroad program, a budget will be sent to Student Financial Affairs based on your selected program. However, this will be done only if you indicate in your application that you plan to use financial aid via the required ‘Payment Questionnaire’.

Before departing for your chosen program, you should verify with SFA that your financial file is complete as well as when and how your aid will disburse and how much you will receive. Your financial aid should then disburse after the UF semester begins BUT no earlier than 10 days prior to your study abroad program’s start date. Note that not all aid disburses at once; you may receive several disbursements throughout the semester.

For further assistance with using financial aid for Study Abroad, use the SFA Help Portal to submit a question. When asked what you need assistance with, select 'Study Abroad' from the drop-down menu.