Be Informed
  • review information from your program provider about safety, health, legal, environmental, political, cultural, and religious conditions in the host country
  • conduct your own research on the host country
  • participate fully in orientations
  • be aware of local conditions and customs that may present safety risks
Be Prepared
  • learn how to obtain health and legal services abroad
Act Responsibly
  • consider your physical and mental health and any special needs when choosing a program
  • comply with your program's terms of participation, codes of conduct, and emergency procedures
  • obey host country laws
  • avoid irresponsible consumption of drugs and alcohol or other potentially harmful substances
  • behave in a manner respectful of others' well-being
  • accept responsibility for your decisions and actions
  • give accurate physical and mental health information to your program director/provider
  • enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program so that the Department of State can better assist you in an emergency
  • keep your parents or guardian informed of your whereabouts and activities; ensure that you maintain contact with them as needed


Please refer to the Pre-Departure Handbook for further detailed information regarding Travel and Safety.

Resources for Travel Safety and Health Abroad