Study Abroad Peer Advisors

The Study Abroad Peer Advisors (SAPAs) are the official student ambassadors of Study Abroad Services at UF. SAPAs are former study abroad students who work with the International Center in order to help promote study abroad and assist students with preparing for their study abroad programs. Becoming a SAPA is a great way to meet other study abroad students, learn more about other cultures, and gain experience working in international education.


NaviGators is a student-run organization that works with incoming international students on adjusting to life in the United States.  Each NaviGator is paired with an international student for a semester and serves as that student’s informal mentor at the University of Florida. NaviGators also sponsors various cultural activities each semester. While students do not need to have studied abroad in order to join NaviGators, former study abroad students are great candidates for the organization because of your understanding of what students may need when coming to a new country.

Other Opportunities

While these options are great ways for study abroad students to maintain your international connections and integrate your experience into life at UF, they are by no means the only way to stay connected. Please be sure to check out the Center for Student Activities and Involvement.