The UF International Center is very pleased to announce a competition for Passport to the World scholarships for students applying for a passport for the first time. This scholarship award, in the amount of $200, will provide a reimbursement for the full costs of obtaining a U.S. passport. Selected students will be required to pay related fees up front and will be reimbursed in the form of a scholarship to the student’s UF account after submitting proof of payment of passport application fees. Applicants must apply  for passport at UF Mail & Document Services. The Application deadline is August 23rd , 2019.


  1. Must be 18 years or older
  2. Must be enrolled as a full-time student at UF
  3. Must be a U.S. citizen, eligible to apply for a U.S. Passport
  4. Must be eligible for a Pell Grant
  5. Must be a first-time applicant for a U.S. Passport 


  1. Must apply to a UF Study Abroad program for Spring 2020, Summer 2020, or Fall 2020.
  2. Must apply for  U.S. Passport at UF Mail & Document Services. (Appointment Required, please call 352-392-1134)


Step I: Before Applying for a U.S. Passport

  1. Complete the Passport to the World Scholarship online application, Statement of Financial Need, and Essay (200 words) by the application deadline of Friday, August 23rd , 2019. (Awards will be announced the first week in September).


Apply Now


Step II: Apply for a U.S. Passport

  1. Apply for passport at UF Mail and Document Services by Monday, September 30th, 2019. Visit for more information.
  2. Payment for Passport Application must be made directly at UF Mail & Document Services. (Note $110 must be paid in the form of check or money order to the U.S. Department of State).  Processing fee of $35 and passport photo fee must be paid separately.

Step III: Submit Receipt of Payment for Passport Application Processing Fee to UFIC

  1. Obtain proof of payment of Application Fee (register receipt) from UF Mail and Document Services.
  2. Present proof of Passport Application processing fee payment ($35), Full name, and Student ID to Dr. Angela Miller ( by Monday, September 30th, 2019.

Step IV: Scholarship Award

  1. Scholarship Awards will be announced during the first week in September to your UF email address.
  2. Passport to the World Scholarship award in the amount of $200 (for Passport Application, processing fee, and two passport photos) will be posted to your UF account.
    1. Award can only be made to the UF student who applied for the passport (and shows proof thereof), and cannot be made to third parties.
    2. If awarded, please allow several weeks for the scholarship to be posted to your UF account.


  1. Applications for Passport renewals and replacements are not eligible for this scholarship
  2. Applications for Passport Cards are not eligible for this scholarship
  3. Applications for name changes on Passports are not eligible for this scholarship

For more information regarding required documents and Passport application procedures, visit

Passport Applications and payment must be submitted in person at UF Mail & Document Services
Appointment Required
For more information, contact:
UF Mail & Document Services
Passport Services
Appointments Available: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 11:30 am; 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm.
Building 715 Radio Road
Gainesville, FL  32611
Phone 352-392-1134