This information is for students returning to UF after their study abroad program.

Housing after the Program

If you plan on registering for on-campus housing, you should notify the Department of Housing before leaving Gainesville so that you will be included in the upcoming lottery.  This is especially important for students who were abroad for the spring and are returning for the fall semester.  Whether you elect for on-campus or off-campus housing, it is your responsibility to make your own housing arrangements.

Registering for classes for the semester you return

Remember, if you are returning to your home institution for the following semester, you will need to register for classes while abroad.  If you are not a UF student, be sure to check with your university about the best way to register for classes while abroad.

For students returning to UF, you must follow these procedures:

The UF web site posts an updated Schedule of Courses about 2-3 weeks before advance registration. The web site is updated several times per week with new information.  Please use this site as a guide for available courses.

Registering for Classes:  You will receive an appointment time by email and can register online as you have done in the past. Remember to check your email account regularly while abroad.  If you need assistance with registration or if you do not receive your email registration appointment, contact your study abroad advisor by e-mail.


Transcripts may take two months or longer to be sent from the foreign institution. A student graduating during the semester abroad should arrange for the transcript to be sent to UFIC as soon as possible.  UFIC must receive the transcript in an original, sealed envelope.

If you are on a multi-semester program, please note that some institutions will not issue transcripts until the academic year is over.  You should consult with your study abroad advisor and/or overseas school for clarification.

Scholarships such as Florida Bright Futures, National Merit, and others will not release funds until previous courses and grades are posted.  Getting the transcript to UFIC is therefore crucial to obtain next semester's funding on time. It is your responsibility to ensure that the host institution has sent the grades in a timely fashion to the UFIC address previously mentioned.