This page answers very important questions about the coverage that TEAMASSIST provides to UF students and faculty when they are abroad. Please read the following carefully.


Does the TEAMASSIST program pay for any medical services while I am traveling overseas?

TEAMASSIST does not pay for any medical services. Medical bills are the responsibility of your primary insurance carrier. TEAMASSIST will aid in the coordination of billing and insurance verifications. This will help ensure that there is no delay or denial of medical treatment because you are unable to provide payment up front or because your insurance is not recognized.

TEAMASSIST provides assistance services, as indicated in the brochure, to help individuals traveling overseas secure appropriate medical care and travel-related assistance. TEAMASSIST will arrange and pay for medically necessary emergency medical evacuation to the nearest appropriate medical facility and/or to one’s Home Country. In the event of death, TEAMASSIST covers the costs of returning the remains to one’s Home Country. 

How does TEAMASSIST help locate proper medical care?

TEAMASSIST has a combined network of more than 85,000 medical providers. These providers encompass doctors, hospitals, clinics, air ambulance companies, and others. Providers are regularly reviewed to ensure quality standards. In addition, the assistance staff are highly trained including multilingual personnel providing access to more than 20 languages at TEAMASSIST offices at all times.   

What happens in the event of hospitalization?

It is important that TEAMASSIST is notified as soon as possible. A TEAMASSIST advisor will immediately contact the medical provider and will begin the process of communicating with the treating doctor, assessing your condition, reviewing your treatment plans, and evaluating whether an evacuation is necessary. TEAMASSIST will update your family, employer and personal physician as appropriate. In addition, TEAMASSIST will coordinate all insurance verifications and admission details.

What if the local facilities are not capable of treatment?

If facilities are inadequate, TEAMASSIST will create a plan of action and work to move you to an adequate facility

If there is not adequate medical care available in the immediate area I am located, will TEAMASSIST fly me back to the United States?

The TEAMASSIST policy will pay for evacuation costs to the nearest appropriate medical facility. Due to the need for immediate treatment, most emergencies will require treatment close to where you are located abroad.  TEAMASSIST will work with you and the medical provider to find the best plan for treatment, and that plan may include evacuation to your Home Country.

If it is necessary to evacuate me to another country and I can receive treatment on an outpatient basis, will TEAMASSIST pay for my lodging, meals, and travel costs to and from the medical facility?

In the case of outpatient treatment, TEAMASSIST does not cover anything other than the immediate evacuation costs. TEAMASSIST can assist you with all incidental arrangements; however, the costs are your responsibility.

If I am denied airline boarding access because I am contagious, will the TEAMASSIST program pay for any expenses I incur due to the extended stay and will they change my flight?

The TEAMASSIST program would not cover the aforementioned expenses. TEAMASSIST only pays evacuation costs if the condition is life-threatening and appropriate medical care is unavailable. However, TEAMASSIST can assist in making arrangements for interrupted or disrupted travel plans resulting from an emergency situation.

If I am injured or ill and my family decides not to follow TEAMASSIST advice to evacuate me to a different medical facility, what future assistance am I entitled to through TEAMASSIST?

Once a person does not follow TEAMASSIST advice, TEAMASSIST will not pay for any future evacuation costs. If the member does later wish to be evacuated, TEAMASSIST will help the individual coordinate travel arrangements to another medical facility, but they will not pay for the associated costs.

Once I am released from the hospital, do the services end?

TEAMASSIST assists with your case until you have returned home or have received final treatment.

If I am injured overseas and my family decides to travel to be with me, will TEAMASSIST pay for the costs associated with their travel?

If you are hospitalized for more than seven days, the TEAMASSIST program will arrange and pay for the economy round trip flight for a family member to the place of hospitalization. TEAMASSIST can also assist with other family members' travel arrangements to be with the patient, however, the program only pays for one ticket.

If TEAMASSIST evacuates me to another country for medical care, what should I do when I am ready to return to my original overseas location?

You should work with TEAMASSIST directly to arrange your return travel. By following this procedure, you can be assured TEAMASSIST will pay for the return transportation costs. If you fail to coordinate your return with TEAMASSIST and you experience future complications, TEAMASSIST will not pay for any additional evacuation costs.

DoesTEAMASSIST offer any coverage for my spouse and dependents?

The TEAMASSIST policy through UF covers is designed for UF faculty, staff and students. TEAMASSIST will provide an evacuation benefit for the return of dependent children who are left unattended due to your covered illness or injury.


By reporting all international travel, faculty, staff and students acknowledge that they have:

  • Reviewed the U.S. State Department Travel Advisory and Warnings. UFIC recommends no travel to countries with a Travel Warning in effect. Graduate students, who wish to travel to a country with a travel warning, will need to seek approval from UFIC first. Please contact Susanne Hill, Executive Director of the International Center.
  • Reviewed the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website for foreign travel immunization requirements, recommendations and received any necessary immunizations required for travel to the country of destination.
  • Verified that medical insurance policy is in effect while traveling outside of the United States.

Students will also acknowledge that they have:

  • Discussed travel plans with their departmental supervisor and received approval for this independent international academic work/research experience.
  • Provided the departmental supervisor with their flight itinerary, location in country, emergency contacts and a copy of the passport.
  • Signed and filed the Release, Indemnification, Waiver, and Hold Harmless Agreement with UFIC.