Dr. Roxane Coche
College of Journalism and Communications
Media Production, Management, and Technology

In RTV4930 Globalizing American Sports, you will learn about how American sports instances have communicated their efforts to expand internationally. The course includes a short-term study abroad program so you can experience these efforts yourself!

While abroad, you will create media content related to a U.S. league game. More than stories about the game itself, you will create content about the atmosphere surrounding this event, the local fans and the local sports culture. This will allow you to interact directly with locals and/or American expats living abroad.

The program is short, but such stories require pre-production and post-production, which we will do from Gainesville throughout the semester. So, the class will meet each week before and after our time abroad.

Please reach out to Dr. Roxane Coche (rcoche@ufl.edu) with any questions.