Congratulations to Dr. Tanya Saunders (Latin American Studies) and Dr. Manoucheka Celeste (African American Studies), for receiving the Intersections: Research-into-Teaching Grant for their project, “How does Blackness travel locally and across the globe?” The grant, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, is awarded...


In an effort to enhance the quality, diversity, and scope of institutional professional development in the areas of global learning, study abroad, career development, and marketing, the Learning Without Borders initiative sponsored communicators Mabel Cardec and Maria Ramirez to attend the Council for Advancement and...


When Liselotte de Wit was in high school in the Netherlands, she worked at a facility for patients who had severe dementia. Her time taking care of these patients had a profound effect on her education and career goals.

“Witnessing the patients and their family members sparked an urge to lessen their mental...


Presenters include: 

  • Jennifer Osorio, Interim Head, International Studies, University of California at Los Angeles 
  • Margarity Vargas-Betancourt, Latin American and Caribbean Special Collection Librarian, University of Florida 
  • Jessie English, Cuban Heritage Coordinator, University of...

The Harn Museum of Art is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Lee Anne Hurt Chesterfield as their new director. Chesterfield will provide the leadership, vision, and long-range strategic planning for the Museum’s financial stability, programmatic excellence, inclusiveness and equity, and continued growth and...


UFIC hosted a group of high school students and teachers visiting from Unidad Educativa Nacional (UEN) in Galápagos Ecuador.

This group of potential Global Gators are also connected to UEN, which is one of UF’s partner institutions in Ecuador. The visitors will be engaging in activities with UF Latin American...


Source: IFAS Blog

Natural and agricultural disasters can lead to massive human migrations, and a University of Florida scientist will...


The purpose of the Environmental & Global Health (EGH) Study Abroad program in Haiti was to provide students with opportunities where they would grapple with external disruptions to what have become adaptive contexts and supporting fluid (and marginalized/vulnerable) populations. Throughout their experiences they...


The Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization is granted to a limited number of institutions each year - usually no more than five. The award recognizes overall excellence in internationalization efforts as evidenced in mission, strategies, programs, and results.

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Congratulations to the following students who received a Fulbright award for the 2018-19 year!

Adrian Acuna Higaki: Spain 
Erica Drayer: Taiwan 
Cacey Farnsworth: Portugal 
Daimiris Garcia: Israel 
Megan McDaniel: Jordan 
Hali McKinley Lester: Brazil 
Elizabeth Pantaleon:...