July 28, 2020

UFIC has created this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to provide answers to common questions related to special requirements for F1 Visa Status for continuing and new international students during the Fall 2020 semester. 

Topics covered include registration requirements, online courses, temporary leave, practical training (CPT and OPT), and more.  Please consult the...


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October 13, 2020

International Education Week 2020: “Global Gators Take Action!”

November 16 – 20 will mark the celebration of International Education Week on
the UF campus

Under the theme “Global Gators Take Action!” the University of Florida is pleased to once again celebrate International...

October 05, 2020

WASHINGTON – The Peace Corps announced this week that the University of Florida (UF) ranked No. 3 among Peace Corps Prep schools on the agency’s list of top certificate-issuing institutions in 2020. UF issued 35 Prep certificates to the graduating class of 2020. There were 305 Gators enrolled in the Peace Corps Prep...

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