International Student Services is available Monday through Friday from 8am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm ET, except on holidays. Our team is accessible through Virtual Office Hours (VOH) on Zoom, email, and appointments.

F-1 International Student Advisors are assigned based on the first letter of the student’s surname. Refer to each advisor below for the first letter of the students' surnames they advise.

Virtual Office Hours

During VOH, students can meet with their F-1 Advisor to address inquiries regarding F-1 Processes. Please note, we ask that you carefully review the information available on F-1 Processes prior to attending VOH to make the most of the brief time available to each student. Appointments are not necessary to join VOH. Students can click on their specific F-1 Advisor’s picture below to review their VOH schedule and Zoom link. Be sure to also review the VOH Announcements section for schedule adjustments provided by the F-1 Advisor.

If you join your F-1 Advisor’s VOH at the appropriate time, and prior to the end of the published VOH time, you will arrive in the VOH Zoom waiting room. Depending on how many students join and the nature of their questions, there will be some waiting time. Students are asked to be patient as they wait their turn in the waiting room. For example, if ten students are in line before you, even if they only need five to six minutes each, you may be waiting at least an hour. Provided you join before the published VOH ending time, you will be seen. Make sure your name is as it appears on your passport/I-20 when you login to Zoom; do not use nicknames, initials, etc. Also, be ready to provide your UFID number.

For case-specific inquiries, students should meet with their specific F-1 Advisor. If unable to attend your F-1 Advisor’s VOH, you may reach out to them by email, or general VOH is available and accessible to all students.

A student’s F-1 advisor is based on the first letter of the student’s surname.The first letter of the surnames they advise is indicated below.

ISA Virtual Office Hours

Gardenia Bazán
A - B, and X

Danielle Black
C - F

Ethel Porras
G -H

Tikia Brown
I, J, K, U, & V

Steve Ghulamani
L, N and O

Candice DeBose-Tyson
M, P, and Q

Yu "Yagi" Aoyagi
R - T &
All Athletes

Alvin Johnson Jr.
W, Y, and Z

General Virtual Office Hours

Martine Angrand