International Student Compliance Services is open for business operations Monday to Friday, 8am – 1pm and 2pm to 5pm, excluding observed holidays. Our team is available via Virtual Office Hours on Zoom, email, appointments, and phone.

Virtual Office Hours

Virtual Office Hours provide students with an opportunity to meet with an International Student Advisor and ask general questions related to F-1 processes such as CPT, OPT, STEM OPT, program extensions, changes of degree level, reduced course loads, SEVIS transfers, etc. An appointment is not required to attend Virtual Office Hours. The student should click on their specific F-1 advisor’s Virtual Office Hours link to determine when their F-1 advisor is available. Please also pay attention to any announcements provided in the advisor’s schedule in case the advisor’s schedule is modified.

We encourage students to attend their specific F-1 advisor’s Virtual Office Hours or send an email to their advisor. During Virtual Office Hours, if it is determined the student needs an appointment, the advisor will assist in scheduling an appointment.

During the times available, F-1 students may click the link and will arrive in the Zoom waiting room. Depending on how many people join and the nature of their questions, there may be some waiting time. Students are asked to be patient as they wait their turn in the Zoom waiting room.

Contact your F-1 Advisor for specific questions during their Virtual Office Hours. If you are not able to attend your F-1 Advisor’s virtual office hours, General VOH advising is also available to all students.

A student’s F-1 advisor is based on the first letter of the student’s surname.

Gardenia Bazán
A - B, and X

Danielle Black
C - F

Ethel Porras
G -H

Tikia Brown
I - K & U - V

Steve Ghulamani
L, N and O

Candice DeBose-Tyson
M, P, and Q

Yu "Yagi" Aoyagi
R - T &
All Athletes

Alvin Johnson Jr.
W, Y, and Z

Martine Angrand

Martine Angrand
(352) 273-1502