The safety of the students participating in our study abroad programs is of our utmost concern.  Each program is assessed for risk before it is approved for faculty and advisors to start recruiting participants. 

In addition to our own risk assessment, we work to ensure that students are aware of the dangers and risks that present themselves overseas and inform them of preventative measures they can take to ensure their safety abroad.  Prior to the students' departure, we hold mandatory pre-departure sessions that go over the best practices for students while abroad.  Additionally, since there are students who are unable to make the session, we have a comprehensive online Pre-Departure Guide that provides all of the information covered in great detail.  Each student is responsible for reading through the pre-departure guide and signing off on having done so accordingly.

Health Insurance and Emergency Medical Evacuation

In addition to the safety precautions that we take with students, the UF International Center (UFIC) requires that all study abroad students are covered by international health insurance with emergency medical evacuation while abroad.  All students who participate in a faculty led program will be covered by either Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) or the insurance that our logistical partner might offer. The costs associated with this coverage are included in the program fee. Students who participate in selected approved non-UF programs that provide adequate insurance, will be covered through the program's insurance and not through UFIC. For more information on CISI please click here for our  International Insurance Policy.


In the event of a political, social, or health emergency or natural disaster, UFIC is in close contact with our on-site staff for all study abroad programs sponsored through UFIC. In an emergency, the on-site staff will locate and maintain contact with all students. UFIC will coordinate with the on-site staff to develop plans based on feedback from local authorities, the US Department of State, NAFSA, our insurance company and the US Consulate or Embassy nearest to the program location. Students are advised to remain in close contact with the on-site staff in any emergency situation. Please contact UFIC whenever you believe there is an urgent/emergency situation of concern. We also encourage you to download and print this Emergency Contact Card and fill in the local emergency numbers of where you're going.

UF International Center Contact Information:
Susanne Hill
University of Florida International Center
Phone: 352.273.1500
Fax: 352.392.5575
After Business Hours: 352.392.1111 (University Police Department)

Resources for Travel Safety and Health Abroad