The University of Florida (UF) has a robust virtual exchange initiative involving faculty from many areas of expertise and is committed to providing all students with opportunities to gain global perspectives and engage in international interactions. We welcome new collaborations with higher education institutions from anywhere in the world.

Virtual exchange coordinators and individual faculty from other institutions are invited to use the link below to submit information about the course(s) you would like to collaborate on, and the Office of Global Learning will be glad to help you identify potential virtual exchange partners at UF.


Interest Form for International Partners


UF’s virtual exchange initiative began in 2018, and in 2021-2022, 26 virtual exchange (VE) projects were carried out, involving over 2,000 students from UF and our partner institutions. To see more data on UF’s virtual exchanges, click the button below.


Virtual Exchange Dashboard


Virtual exchange (VE) projects typically take place between two courses, one at UF and one at a partner institution abroad. The two faculty members work together to plan discussions and activities for their students to complete together online, as part of their coursework. Some common activities include:

  • Students watch a live or recorded lecture, then engage in discussion (synchronous, in class)
  • Students pair up to interview each other or discuss a specific topic/issue (synchronous, outside of class)
  • Students complete a group project in pairs or small groups (asynchronous, outside of class)
  • Students peer review each other’s work (asynchronous, outside of class)


See VE Project Examples


The virtual exchange can be from one week to the entire semester long, but the most common length is 4-8 weeks. Faculty partners should discuss the best way to fit VE into their specific courses.

Virtual exchange (VE) may be incorporated into online, hybrid, or face-to-face courses in any discipline.

International faculty whose UF partner is planning to attend the UF International Center’s 5-week virtual exchange training are also welcome to join the training, at no cost. The training is offered several times per year and guides professors step-by-step through the process of creating a virtual exchange.

UF faculty and their partners may also meet with and ask questions of the Coordinator of Virtual Exchange Initiatives, who is available to share best practices and resources throughout the year.

Faculty from higher education institutions in any country are welcome to complete the Virtual Exchange Interest Form for International Partners linked below, so the Office of Global Learning can help identify potential UF faculty for you to create your VE project with. After you submit the form, a member of the Office of Global Learning will be in contact with you once a potential partner has been identified.


Interest Form for International Partners


To hear feedback from UF faculty member Dr. Colleen McEdwards and her partner Dr. Juan-Pablo Osman from Universidad del Norte on the virtual exchange experience, check out the video below: