Mission Statement

To forge new paths in international education and engagement, to facilitate global collaboration through transformative international experiences and support services, and to further cross-cultural understanding.

UFIC Vision

The vision of the University of Florida International Center is for all members of the UF community to have the opportunities, skills, and support to be global citizens who contribute to a positive and sustainable future for local communities and the world.

The past years have brought new and unexpected challenges to international collaboration and exchange. Universities, as institutions committed to the core values of intellectual freedom and exchange, have a central role to play in responding to those challenges.

UFIC staff administer the programs that made possible over 6,600 international students on campus or pursuing practical training this past year, that sent almost 2,200 UF students to study abroad, that manage hundreds of collaborative agreements with partner institutions across the world, and that support thousands of international trips for research, teaching and collaboration. UFIC also helps the UF community to overcome the barriers and to navigate the increasingly complex intricacies of both American and international regulations on global engagement.

Other UFIC programs prepare our students to excel in a globalized world. Through the International Scholars Program, students develop the skills and knowledge to effectively navigate international contexts, and increase their competitiveness in the global market for talent. In so doing students learn to be good global citizens, doing their part to steward the earth’s resources, improve the quality of human lives, and be proactive contributors to the search for justice and equality. UFIC also works with units and colleagues across the university to help encourage and support our faculty’s international research engagements. Our Office for Global Research Engagement develops and manages initiatives intended to enhance faculty international collaboration and to provide support and advice for research around the globe.

UFIC staff countries of origin and expertise encompasses over 70 nations and almost 20 languages. We are here to support UF’s preeminence as a global leader. Let us know how we can help!