Campus Engagement

There are many global experiences on campus that faculty can help connect their students with. Consider building some of the resources below into your curriculum by including them in course assignments, or you can recommend them to students as extracurricular activities.


International Scholars Program

The International Scholars Program (ISP) is an experiential learning opportunity available to all UF undergraduate students. ISP helps students make the most of the global opportunities at UF through the combination of coursework, campus engagement, and travel or language learning.

The program helps students develop global awareness, build career skills, and receive recognition for international education activities they may already be participating in.

As a faculty member, you play an essential role in helping students expand their world view.

Here are few ways you can connect your students to ISP:

  1. Share this opportunity with your students by including information about ISP in your Canvas course. Reach out to the ISP team for Canvas announcement templates.
  2. Earn the ISP Course Distinction for your courses and be featured in the ISP Course Catalog.
  3. Schedule a class visit with the ISP Coordinator, Taylor Simpson.

Peace Corps Prep Program

Students who are passionate about community service can add a Peace Corps Prep distinction to their International Scholars Program experience. The Peace Corps Prep Program offers undergraduates the opportunity to start building and polishing the skills necessary to be a successful volunteer while they are still working on their degree, strengthening their Peace Corps application.

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UF Navigators

UF Navigators is a mentoring program which seeks to match international and American students on campus. The purpose of this program is to provide an easy transition to campus life and American culture for international students and offers American students an opportunity to connect with students from all over the world. American students must have completed freshman year in order to participate.

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Cultural Immersion

The English Language Institute (ELI) offers programming for international students to learn English and learn about American culture. The ELI also offers a variety of opportunities for UF students that can help them enhance their intercultural communication skills, develop international friendships, and learn languages.

Area Studies

UF is home to multiple area studies centers that offer coursework and programming focused on certain world regions and cultures. Faculty may become affiliated with these centers by following the procedures set forth by each one, which typically involve demonstrating engagement with topics related to that region through your research and/or teaching. Students can take courses and complete degree programs through most area studies centers, or just attend events and other programming they offer.


Taylor Simpson
Coordinator of International Scholars Program and Peace Corps Prep
Office of Global Learning




Danielle Arnwine
Peace Corps Recruiter
UF International Center




Maria Selezneva
Advisor to UF Navigators and Study Abroad Advisor
UF International Center