The UFIC has established a scholarship for international students experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties that are beyond their control.  Each award will be valued at $2,500 (before taxes) and given to a maximun of 6 students: 3 students in the Spring term and 3 in the Fall term.

Criteria of the scholarship

  1. Only students who have been at UF a minimun of 1 year are eligible.
  2. Priority will be given to students who have no other source of income such as, graduate assistantships (GA,TA,RA), fellowships, achievement award or other scholarships.
  3. Priority will be given to graduate students; graduate students who previously had funding and lost it due to funding cuts or grant non-renewal will be considered.
  4. Students will only be eligible to receive the scholarship one time.
  5. Students must be International and in good legal immigration status.

Required documentation to apply

Student must provide a statement detailing the extenuating circumstances which caused the emergency/hardship and include the following:

  1. Emergency Hardship Scholarship Application Form
  2. Show that it was extenuating and unforeseen circumstances that were beyond your control.
  3. Provide information in the statement of the financial need
  4. List income and expenses
  5. Show you have a job or proof that you have searched for a job and were unable to get employment due to unavailability/insufficiency of jobs on campus
  6. Provide documentation to support your statement ( Ex: parent lost job or retired and income decreased; bank cancelled student loan, etc)
  7. If you lost funding through loss of assistantship or other external funds (grant), provide a letter documenting this from your department.

The statement, along with documentation, must be turned in at UFIC by March 1st for spring and November 1st for fall semester. No late applications will be accepted. The applications will be reviewed by a committee of UF staff and faculty. Notification to awardees will be sent one week after the committee has made their decision.