In a effort to promote the internationalization process of the University of Florida, UFIC has established the following awards for faculty, and staff:

Internationalizing the Curriculum Awards

As part of the continuing effort to meet UF's strategic goal of internationalizing the campus and curriculum, the UF International Center (UFIC) grants awards of $3000 to UF faculty for proposals that add international components to an existing course or create new courses with substantial international content. The awards are granted annually. The next competition will be held Fall, 2009. Guidelines and Format for 2009 will be posted in August. This program is currently under review. No awards are available at this time. Please check back for future announcements.

International Educator Awards

Beginning in 2004, an award to recognize outstanding international endeavors by UF faculty members and to encourage UF faculty to pursue international activities was created. Subsequently, a new award was created for faculty in junior ranks and in 2010 a new award was added to recognize the many contributions of staff to our campus internationalization priorities.