The UF Alumni Travel Program has been working with tour operators to make sure all of our trips are specifically curated to focus on your safety without detracting from your travel experience.

Our Partner

Go Next 
For nearly 50 years, Go Next has been thoughtfully putting together programs with memorable destinations and exciting itineraries with hand-picked travel vendors. Go Next has strong and exclusive relationships with some of the best travel providers in the world like Oceania Cruises and American Queen Steamboat Company.

For nearly 30 years, Gohagan has developed and operated deluxe group travel programs for America’s most prestigious museums, colleges, universities and cultural institutions. Gohagan is focused on unique itineraries and educational components that are paired with the style and comforts of the world’s finest cruise ships, trains and hotels and enhanced by world-class guides and academic experts.

For more than 15 years, Orbridge has focused on destinations that offer unforgettable life-changing experiences. Places with historical significance, stunning natural beauty, engaging people, treasures waiting to be discovered, and unique experiences you may not even know exist. From National Parks programs to flavors programs to small ship explorations that offers flexible itineraries, cozy accommodations, and personal service – Orbridge has an experience for you..

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