Kaira Cabañas
College of the Arts
Art History

This 3000 level lecture course will be open to all students of a sophomore standing or higher. In the course of a semester, we will look at artworks produced in the more than 20 countries that make up Latin America. The illustrated lectures will take students from the Southern Cone nations of South America, up through Central America and Mexico to the north. It will cover styles from the modernisms of the early 20th century to the installation art found in global biennials at the beginning of the 21st century. Along the way, the course will consider topics such as the relationship of academic training to forging an independent artistic identity; the establishment of a modern vs. global canon; transatlantic experimentations in surrealism, neo-concretism, conceptual art, and performance. Each session will focuses on a few significant figures so that students can draw out the complex interrelationships between artistic experimentation, geopolitical context, and identity.

Photo: Joaquín Torres-García, “América invertida (Inverted America)” (1943), ink on paper, 8 11/16 × 6 5/16 inches.