For over 20 years now, Dr. Ian Tebbett has led the largest Forensic Science program in the world and has over the years established numerous international collaborations with the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, universities in Australia, Europe, South America, and across Asia. His work has been impactful in growing not only the graduate online Forensic Science programs but also other initiatives across the UF campus and at the College of Pharmacy. Dr. Tebbet's leadership, vision, and expertise helped many other faculty in building their own in-person and online programs alike. He paved the way for additional programs to establish international collaborations that remain fruitful and mutually beneficial for the involved institutions. One such example is the Pharmaceutical Chemistry program Oliver Grundmann leads as the director in which they work with the HAN University in Nijmegen, Netherlands, to offer students from both universities courses that expand their knowledge. They are now also establishing a virtual exchange that further brings together students and faculty alike.

Thank you, Dr. Tebbett, for your global leadership!