Letter requests are a courtesy provided by the International Center. Letter requests must be completed online through the portal. Letters are uploaded as PDF documents directly in the portal, and you will receive an email when yours are ready; you will be able to login, download and print the letter from the portal.

Normal processing time is 5-7 business days.

PLEASE NOTE: UFIC is not able to verify or detail your academic/research program. Please contact your academic department directly for this type of letter. If the letter requires verification regarding export-controlled technology or information, your academic department may contact UF Research Integrity at exportcontrol@research.ufl.edu for assistance.


If you want multiple letters for different people, you must submit separate letter requests for each person.

Graduation - Invitation to attend your graduation in Gainesville.  

Graduation Walk Out-of-term - If you already received your degree and are planning to walk out-of-term at a later ceremony, you must obtain permission from your department and upload with your UFIC letter request. If your department is currently not providing permission to walk out-of-term, UFIC cannot complete this request. You can wait until the designated term to get a Graduation Walk Out-of-term letter or you can submit a General Visit letter request.

General Visit - Invitation for loved ones to visit you in Florida. Reasons for the visit are not required.



Includes estimated tuition expenses of a future term for the number of credits you plan to register for. These are not actual expenses paid; please contact the Bursar’s office for any statements of previous payments.



Verification of Student Status - This letter will state only that you are registered and in good standing for the current semester. (This information is included on all letters provided by UFIC.)

Military Service Deferment - This letter will verify your student status and request a deferment of military service to your country.

Passport Renewal - This letter will verify your student status for the purpose of passport renewal.

Visa Application/Renewal (only for current international students) - This letter will verify your student status for the purpose of visa renewal or application for a new visa.