To request a letter for Verification of Student Status, an Expense letter, or a letter of invitation for Graduation or a visit, use on of the following forms and submit to the respective email:

F-1 Letter Request Form - submit to

We offer several types of hard copy letters, printed on UF letterhead, for you to pick up when completed. Normal processing time is 3-5 business days.  You will receive an email when completed.

  • Verification of Student Status only – Includes your Name, UFID #, Country of citizenship, College/Department you are enrolled in, Major, Degree you are seeking, and will state you are registered full time and in good standing for the current semester.  This is included on all other letters.  You can also request this for Visa/Passport renewal or Military Deferment.
  • Expense Letter – Includes estimated expenses for one semester, for the number of credits you are registered for, as entered on the request form.  These are not actual expenses you have paid; you would need to contact the Bursar’s office for a statement of your actual payment. If you require a raised or colored ink University Seal, please remember this process takes an additional 2-3 business days to complete, on addition to the normal processing time of 3-5 business days.
  • Letter of invitation for a visit – Please list the anticipated time period for the visit, no specific date needed.
  • Letter of Invitation for Graduation – Please list the expected graduation month and year.
    We are not able to write any of these letters more than 6 months in advance and it is best if we can see your course registration for the semester of the requested visit.
    Please provide each person’s information in the table on the request form; you may use a second form if you are inviting more than five family/friends. When possible it is best to submit all request forms at the same time, if not possible, please let me know in the comments section that you have submitted a previous request or if this is a correction or addition. Please indicate if you need more than one copy of the letter for different Visa application appointments.
    Letter requests must be filled online and sent to the letter request inbox as a pdf.  We cannot use handwritten or scanned forms.
    We provide the hardcopy of your letter; you may scan and send it to your family, depending on the requirement of the embassy where they are applying for their Visa.

If you have already graduated and are on OPT or STEM, please include the semester you graduated and your valid OPT/STEM dates in the comments section.  If you are planning to do your Graduation Walk out of term, I will need to see a copy of your Permission to Walk Out of Term issued by Stephanie McBride from the Provost office. Her contact information is listed at the bottom of your Department request form to Walk Out of Term.

You will receive an email when your letter is ready to pick up at the front desk.  Please bring your UFID for pick up.  If you wish a friend to pick up for you, please reply to the email with your friend’s name, as we need to have your permission in writing.  Your friend will need to bring their UFID/ photo ID to pick up your letter. If you are outside of Gainesville and wish your letter mailed by US postal service, please provide your mailing address.

PLEASE NOTE: UFIC is not able to provide a letter verifying or detailing your academic/research program, such as a letter which describes your or your academic advisor/Principle Investigator's research. Please contact your academic department directly. If the letter requires verification regarding export-controlled technology or information, your academic department may contact UF Research Integrity at for assistance.