International students and scholars must report a change of address to UFIC and UF within 10 days of any move.

Reporting a Change of Address to UF

Students and Exchange Visitors must report a change in home address to the University of Florida each time a move occurs.  Do this by loging into their account at using the Gatorlink username and password. All Personal Addresses needs to be updated.

UF users have to mantain the following addresses from this section in ONE.UF:

  • Street Adress
  • Mailing Address
  • Legal Address

To meet the federal requirements to keep the home address up-to-date, the Street Address must be the actual PHYSICAL address in the US where the student/exchange visitor lives.  This address CANNOT be PO Box address; and it must be a address within the U.S. (not international/foreign address).

To update your US address with UFIC, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using the Gatorlink Username and Password
  3. Click on Edit next to the Street Address, in the Personal Address section
  4. Enter the entire street address, including your apartment number, in the "Address Line 1" box of the Street Address (read the section below to learn about the proper U.S. Street Address format). City, State, and Postal Code (Zip Code) must be entered on their own fields.
    This information should show within 48 hours in our system (ISSS) as your US address.
  5. Click "submit". 

Proper U.S. Street Address format

The address provided in the UF Directory will be used by the International Center to update the address information for students and scholars in the SEVIS system.  Street addresses in the U.S. typically follow a standard format. To avoid having errors and to avoid having an address update rejected by SEVIS, refer to the following examples for the proper address format. City, State, and Postal Code (Zip Code) must be entered on their own fields.

Residence Type Typical Format Example
Do not enter the apartment complex name in the address part
Street Address Apt Number 3600 SW 34th Street Apt 123
Condominium/Town House
Do not enter the condominium complex name in the address part
Street Address Apt Number 2708 SW 35th Place Apt 6
House Street Address 719 NE 13th Ave
On Campus Graduate Housing Building Number Housing Complex Apt Number 278 Corry Village Apt 23
On Campus Dormitory
Confirm the exact room address with the Area Office for the dormitory.
8-digit Room Number and Dormitory 46020102 Keys Complex


To submit a change of address online directly with the U.S. Post Service, visit the Official USPS Change of Address page and follow the prompts. This may also be done in person at any U.S. Post Office.