The university requires proof of financial support in order to extend and issue the I-20/DS-2019. The figures stated in this document are based on estimated expenses for the 2023/2024 academic year.

For a one year extension
Graduate Students need at least $57,323 and Undergraduate Students need at least $55,851
An additional $6,000 is required for a spouse and $4,000 for each child, if applicable.
For a one semester extension
Graduate students Living expenses $9,065 plus Tuition/Fees $1,255.41 multiplied by the number of credits remaining.
Undergraduate students Living expenses $9,065 plus Tuition/Fees $955.28 multiplied by the number of credits remaining.
An additional $2000 is required for a spouse and $834 for each child, if applicable.
Source of Funds
University of Florida Assistantship, Fellowship, or Scholarship Please submit a supporting letter from the UF department verifying the terms of the Assistantship, Fellowship or Scholarship.  For students on Assistantship or Fellowship, the letter must specify the stipend amount (sometimes referred to as payroll amount) and whether it is based on an annual or semester appointment. A copy of the appointment letter is also acceptable.
Graduate students on Appointment are considered fully funded if the stipend amount is at least $26,067 annually

. If the appointment funding is insufficient to cover the period of the extension, the student will need to provide alternate proof of funds to supplement the appointment funding.

Personal, Family, or Private Sponsor Funds

Please attach the bank certificate(s), bank statement(s), or bank letter(s) along with the extension request. If the account holder is someone other than the student, please state the account holder’s relationship to the student. Proof of financial support may be in the form of a financial statement from each sponsor.  The financial statement must be:

  • on the bank’s letterhead with bank’s logo, stamp, or seal,  
  • provide the account holder’s name in English,
  • show the date it was issued, which must be within the last six months
  • show the balance currently available,
  • state the currency type,
  • state the account type, and
  • all documents must be in English. You may include a document in its original language provided you also include a certified translation from a translator who is competent and eligible to translate the document and has issued a signed statement declaring that the translation is an accurate and true representation of the original document.
Other Funds For other funds such as U.S. Government Agencies, International Organizations, student's government, Binational Commission of the student's country, etc., please submit supporting letter verifying funds.
INVALID Source of Funds
  • Salary
  • Credit Cards
  • Insurance Policies
  • Property (Jewelry, House, etc)
  • Machinery (Car, etc)

After having reviewed the information provided here, if further questions remain about funding sources and amounts necessary for the extension, please contact the international student advisor assigned to work with the student or visit the International Center in person to clear up any doubts.

Although funding opportunities are scarce for international students in general, there are some options for those who may be seeking additional financial assistance. For information, please refer to the Financial Resources page.  This is not an all-inclusive list but may be helpful for applicants to get started with their search. Some of the scholarships listed are sponsored through outside organizations; please contact the awarding organization or entity directly with additional questions about eligibility criteria or the application process.