National Geographic and a trip to South Africa in high
school fueled Marlowe Starling’s passion for nature
and her desire to improve the environment through
impactful reporting.

In Environmental Journalist-in-Residence Cynthia Barnett’s Environmental Journalism course, she pursued a story about septic tanks and sewage in South Florida, a project aligned with the class project, "The
Human Hazard," about climate change and public health. The project pushed her beyond “boring infrastructure stuff” to fully understand “these nuanced problems that a lot of people overlook that have dire consequences for people. It was a great wake-up call for me to get readers to care about these issues.”

The journalism junior, who is minoring in wildlife ecology, has already returned to Africa, spending four weeks studying wildlife management in Tanzania and writing about efforts to make things as simple as cooking more environmentally friendly for Earth Island Journal. She’s spending the spring semester taking online classes and interning at Mongabay, writing stories for the international environmental news outlet.

Marlowe is also a Senior Student Assistant at the International Center helping with Study Abroad Services.