Application Process

Upon successful recruitment, students will need to visit the International Center website in order to complete their study abroad application. For most students, they can complete about 80% of the application completely online via our platform Terra Dotta. Each study abroad application requires students to electronically submit the following:

  • Academic Advising Form
  • Application Fee or Deposit
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Medical History Questionnaire
  • Financial Aid Questionnaire
  • Privacy Rights Questionnaire

All students are also required to read and sign the following:

  • Cancellation and Refund Policy
  • Health Insurance Information
  • Credit Transfer Policies
  • Participant Consent, Release and Waiver of Liability
  • UF Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs

In addition to the standard documents and forms, faculty members may elect to add other requirements to the application in order to narrow down their student search and find the best applicants for their program. In order to add additional application requirements such as statements of purpose, writing samples, interviews or letter of recommendation, please contact your Study Abroad Advisor who can make the proper adjustments in the application system and program webpage.

Non-UF Students: Students who do not go to UF can still participate in your study abroad program, with your permission. While many aspects of the Study Abroad application will remain the same, there is a separate and more lengthy process to get them registered. Therefore, we suggest that all non-UF students connect with their Study Abroad Advisor as early as possible to begin the application and registration process. 

Graduating Students: UF students who will graduate in the spring prior to your summer program are still eligible to participate (as non-degree seeking students) in the program.

Using Terra Dotta to Monitor Applications

Understanding the Terra Dotta platform will be incredibly helpful as it allows you to monitor your current applicants and see where they are in the application process. It also allows you to email interested students, view medical history information, emergency contact information and obtain other general information such as their major and year in school. Please use these instructions on how to use Terra Dotta so you become familiar with the platform and can utilize it in your recruitment efforts and know how close you are to making the breakeven so your program can run.