Developing a study abroad program involves many stakeholders and will take a lot of patience and meaningful collaboration among all parties to get a program up and running. SAS welcomes early, informal consultation by faculty members for program planning and encourages collaboration across academic departments. SAS highly recommends faculty begin the program development process, as outlined here, at least 12-15 months prior to your intended start date.

Deadlines Spring/Spring Break Programs Summer & Fall Programs
Program Proposals to SAS Jan 15 May 15
Vetting Questionnaire (if needed) Feb 15 June 15
Provider Contract & Budget Information April 15 September 15

In order to assist you in the program development process, we have created a detailed Guide for Study Abroad  Program Development which outlines everything you will need to know about international education, proper experiential learning pedagogies, program design logistics, risk management and other pertinent information relating to recruiting and advising students for your program. Please read through this guide prior to setting up a Needs Assessment appointment with Nicole Fuls or Marta L. Wayne.

For a brief overview, please view the chart below to understand the initial steps that must be taken in order to develop a new program. These steps are to be completed in order and with the guidance of the appropriate SAS team member.

Program Development Steps


Consultation & Needs Assessment

Please make an appointment with either Nicole Fuls or Marta L. Wayne to discuss your ideas, program proposal guidelines and policies for leading a study abroad program. Nicole works with programs in Latin America and Asia, while Marta works with programs in Europe and Africa. Feel free to contact either one of them for a possible program in Australia / New Zealand.


Standards of Good Practice

While developing your proposal, we encourage you to look at the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad, a leading resource in the field of International Education. Please note that not all the standards necessarily apply to your program.


Program Proposal

Please submit a Program Proposal to either Nicole or Marta, who will review it accordingly, make suggestions, etc. The proposal will then go to your Chair and Dean for final signature.


Identify a Program Provider

Once your proposal has been approved by all the necessary parties, UFIC will match you with a Third Party Provider, who will be able to arrange the program logistics for you. If you have identified a provider on your own, we will be happy to assist with the necessary vetting process, but please be aware this may delay program development so we suggest you complete step 3 well ahead of our general deadline in these cases.


Program Budget

Once you (and either Nicole or Marta) have worked with your provider to develop a proposal for your program (which will include your program’s activities, itineraries, housing information, cost, etc.), please schedule an appointment with Jackie Johnson to go over budget guidelines and requirements.


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