It is possible to arrive in Gainesville directly by airplane, bus, or car. Exchange visitors should finalize their travel arrangements once they receive their Form DS-2019 and J visa. Acting too early can be expensive if there are unexpected delays that cause changes to plans.

To learn more about the University of Florida, exchange visitors can also take the UF virtual tour or a student-led tour.


Gainesville has one public airport, with connecting flights to and from larger international airports. EVS highly recommends exchange visitors schedule a flight into Gainesville, as the city is nearly 100 miles from the closest international port of entry, and other services may be limited depending on location.

Gainesville Regional Airport

3880 N.E. 39th Avenue, Suite A
Gainesville, Florida 32609


Car Rental

Exchange visitors who plan to rent a car when they arrive in the U.S. must be careful to select a company with a car return location in Gainesville.

Each company has specific rental requirements. Typically, the person renting the car must be at least 21-years-old and have a valid credit card and at least one form of valid driver’s license.

Gainesville Car Rental Services

For more information, including rental requirements and any discounts for UF affiliates, directly contact the company.

For driving and parking directions to the UF campus, visit the Office of Admissions directions page.

Bus Service

State and national bus service is available in the U.S. but may be limited depending on location.

State and National Bus Services

For more information, including routes and ticket options, directly contact the company. For more information about campus and city bus service, please see Living in Gainesville

Train Service

There are no direct passenger train lines to or from Gainesville. The closest train station is in Palatka, approximately 45 miles east of Gainesville. Amtrak, the largest passenger train service in the U.S., has two routes through this station. However, please note that there is a lack of public transportation between Gainesville and Palatka.

For more information, including route schedules and reservations, please visit

While it does not connect with Gainesville, Brightline is an option for travel between Miami and Orlando. Please note Orlando is approximately 110 miles south of Gainesville.