On August 26th, Jordanian Fulbright Scholars in the Junior Faculty & Development Program visited virtually via Zoom with members of the One Health Center team to discuss possible avenues of collaboration. Dr. Ilaria Capua gave a short presentation on the Center and our current research projects, followed by a conversation with the Scholars.

Topics included the need for more organizational and national recognition of One Health in Jordan, possible overlaps and collaboration between the Scholars' research and the Center's initiatives, and possible future steps to advance the mission of One Health.

"Through meeting the leaders of the One Health Center in UF, I could more deeply realise the importance of such field of science," remarked Dr. Amani, a researcher at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, "Obviously, COVID-19 has taught us a lot in this regard and has emphasized the need for such science in terms of theory and practice."