The International Center is pleased to welcome a higher number of new international students this semester!

International students play an important role in the advancement of our university's research and teaching mission. Their presence is key to enhancing UF’s tradition of global learning.

Given the high number of new students who deferred from Fall 2020 to Spring 2021, the sum of those two semesters is a better indicator of international student interest in UF for our last academic year. In comparison with previous semesters, as of 8/31/21, 52% of F1 International Students who received an I-20s checked in, in contrast with 47% in Spring 2021, and 31% of check-ins in Fall 2020.



The top six countries of origin of UF international students (2016-2021) are China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, and Venezuela.

We are happy to provide them with services that make it possible for them to be here, and to do our best to create a welcoming environment during their stay on campus. For additional data, please contact the International Center.