Heather Stark, Daniel Acosta Gandur
College of Public Health and Health Professions
Public Health

Low-income countries bear a disproportionate burden of disease globally and the gap is growing. Key health threats in the maternal mortality, child under-nutrition, HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB, zoonotic diseases, diarrhea, pneumonia, mental health, gender, and chronic disease. These health threats are closely related to evolving social processes and phenomena, including urbanization, migration, political conflict, economic disparities, and gender dynamics. In turn, these health threats can severely influence economic, social, and political development. While understanding problems and their determinants is an important first, ‘global public health’ focuses on developing effective and appropriate solutions at the global, regional and local levels. The course examines these health threats, health production, and their relationship with social processes from an interdisciplinary perspective. The course also examines how social and technical innovations provide new opportunities to address these challenges.