Antonio Sajid López Méndez
Spring, Fall
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Spanish & Portuguese

Internships provide you with opportunities to integrate the skills, knowledge and methods gained through your coursework with professional roles, responsibilities and activities in a real-life supervised setting.

Given the nature of our Spanish Studies program, which primarily teaches language and culture, you could carry out your internship in technically any location where there is interaction with the Hispanic communities. For this reason, this syllabus offers an open alternative for you to customize your professional interests.

Participating in an internship in Spanish, specifically, allows you to further develop and enhance your linguistic and cultural knowledge, as well as working with relevant members of the Latinx community.

Variable 1-3 credit, this course has been designed to complement your internship experience through guided reflection, critical analysis, synthesis and discussion. The amount of complementary homework will be determined according to the amount of credits you register.